Friday, February 1, 2013


The Canadian Government and authorities are hiding from the view of the public the videos tapes showing the torture of Ashley Smith and other crimes, this is part of the Canadian impunity in state crimes. Well again the inquest of Ashley Smith has been reinstating with the same extravaganza and without hope to stop the martyrdom of children and families “the Road to Guantanamo”  The question now is for how long the government can keep cover-up the crimes from the Ministry of Correctional Services, Police killings, Children’s Aids Societies Holocaust and others delinquencies?


Prison Guards or Evil Demons
Prison guards, mad guards or evil demons                                                            
I saw you, I know you, very well
Bloody thirsty of wounded prisoners flesh
How many times in your hands and boots

Bully guards that destroy children lives
Terrorize neglect and harm prisoner’s lives
With our blood, you’ll irrigate yours prisons
O sadist’s protector’s drinkers of blood

Ashley Smith travels shackled, with pain and feeling sadness
The Road to Guantanamo the Canadian Gitmo’s infernos
With evil guards, the demons; they take you to the gallows
Where you don’t wish to live humiliated, treated like slave

                  The world knows the atrocities, torture and extreme human suffering in the prisons of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. It has been confirmed that in prisoners were practiced very extreme actions. The mental, physical torture and acts of immorality was everyday agenda in order to break the prisoner’s good will forcing in this way to make false confessions. These brutality and infamy practiced on the prisoners captured the attention of the people of the world who have reacted condemning the crimes against humanity.
Ashley Smith she was a child at the time of her arrest and imprisonment by the Canadian authorities, her crime was to throw apples, a bad behavior that with counseling could be resolved. But the Canadian authorities looking for the best interest of the children decided the Road to Guantanamo. This act of sadism, bestiality and brutality shows against to the people of the world, how this child was subjected to the most inconceivable incarceration and torment for part of Canada Corrections. I hope the public can review the video “The Road to Guantanamo” the sorrow, the grief and misery of those prisoners in a foreign jail. Ashley Smith in her own country was subjected wildest mistreatment, humiliations and tortures, the incomplete videos disclosed by the Minister of Public Safety is clear evidence that the government of Canada is Accomplice of Crimes against Humanity.

                                                 Well, I am not a skilled artist but I will try to show to the world the infamy, disgrace and atrocities that have been forgotten and buried for centuries. Corruption and complicity of the Canadian press gives the opportunity to the institutions of government, police and corporations to continue to commit inconceivable state crimes. But now the people of the world, the international community will realize that in this country has been committed and are committing crimes against humanity.


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