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Update  and New Evidence from International Common Law Court of Justice: The Case of Genocide in Canada 0

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Nobody knows where the assassins
Buried these bodies;
but they’ll rise from earth
to redeem the falling blood
in the resurrection of the people.
In the middle of the Plaza this crime was committed.
The thorn scrub didn’t hide the people
pure blood , nor was it swallowed by the pampa’s sand.
Nobody hid this crime.
This crime was committed in the middle of the plaza.
                                                         - Pablo  Neruda

ITCCS Communiqué from Brussels

The Prosecutor's Office of the Common Law Court of Justice has today posted new evidence and an update about its work, in the attached youtube link. The enormous response to the Court's November 6 commencement as well as considerable new evidence it has acquired has necessitated this slight delay.
Please share the attached youtube and post it widely.
The next session of the online Court will conclude the Prosecution's case concerning Crimes against Humanity by church and state in Canada. It is anticipated to be posted at www.itccs.org later in January.
Please stand by for further news.
ITCCS Central

For a better understanding about the Canadian Genocide against Native Canadian Children please can you watch in you tube -UNREPETANT Canada’s Genocide series 1 to11                                                                                                                                                                      --  -Reverend Kevin Annett

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