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Posted by Sharon Lewis (cause founder)
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"PIGGY'S PALACE" WHERE DOZENS OF ABORIGINAL SEX TRADE WORKERS WERE SLAUGHTERED There have been many manifestations of the failure of federal protection for Aboriginal peoples. One of the most gruesome examples has been expressed in British Columbia when police long shielded from prosecution the proprietor of "Piggy's Palace." Pig farmer Robert Pickton went on a more-or-less public killing spree devouring in his pork packing/late night party emporium dozens of mostly-Aboriginal sex trade workers. There are reports of snuff films that record these made-in-Canada atrocities. Many prominent Vancouverites, including important figures in the criminal justice system, frequented this notorious establishment known widely in Vancouver as Piggy's Palace. Who were police, including the federal RCMP, protecting and who were they willing to see sacrificed? Accordingly, the failure of the federal Crown to protect the Aboriginal and treaty rights of the Aboriginal peoples of Canada goes far beyond abstractions. The failure to protect the human rights of Aboriginal peoples, but especially of Aboriginal women, extends to the failure to protect the very persons of Canada's original title holders. Many hundreds of Aboriginal women across Canada have gone missing without proper investigations by a criminal justice system that seems allied with those private and corporate interests that feed on the consumption of stolen Aboriginal resources, wrecked and snuffed Aboriginal lives. 

Please share, from The Canadian Ministry of Justice's Anti-Aboriginal Policies Exposed
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