Friday, January 11, 2013

Oh! Canada Native and Immigrant land...

School/DHS/Police Assaults, Abuse

                  We are only small Children...Vulnerable Children?

The Gestapo!!! Operation Condor!!! KGB…
                                                                                                                                           For decades I have tried to denounce and describe with my own words the dark and dismal Canadian secrets, atrocious crimes hidden from the outside world. The impediment for not making these allegations was that for twenty five years I have been subjected to ill-treatment, mental and physical torture. Must now; when I feel that my traumatic life is slowly healing, it's the right time to bring not only how my family was crucified many times by the (School of Americas) Toronto Police, Children's Aids Societies Workers, Family and Criminal Slaughters Judges. Also it's the right time to bring to world the  pain, the suffering and destruction of tens of thousands of children and  parents every year at the hands of the same dreaded (Gestapo) Police, Children's Aids Societies Workers and the Slaughtered Judicial System .The Canadian Prime Ministers and other politicians of turn with the help of the corrupt Canadian mass media managed to hide for centuries these abhorrence’s crimes. These atrocities committed over long periods of time against Native People, Immigrants from different parts of world and low income Canadians have no forgiveness, because these massacres were committed with extreme brutality, sadism in order to keep their criminal business. One of the most horrendous state crimes that require especial attention and condemnation by people of this nation, human rights organizations around the world and the international community is the drugging, torture, destruction of children and criminalization of innocent parents. 

The dreams of a better life in this country for most families become a real nightmare!!!
People of the World I call for Your Attention and Judgment about the Canadian State Holocaust!!!                                 

                 "Neither haveI remained silent, neither wavered" 

January 11, 2013, approximately 9:36 pm
In the intersection of Lansdowne Av and St Clair Avenue West, black unmarked police racing car tried to run over me.


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