Friday, December 28, 2012



On dark nights, perhaps you‘ve traced
the stabbing cry, footsteps in the blood:
the solitary edge of our cross a thousand times
heavy blows on the silent door,
the abyss or thunderbolt  that swallowed the assassin
when dogs bark and the violent police
enter among the sleeping
to forcefully twist the tear’s threads
plucking them from the terrified eyelid.
                                              -Pablo Neruda.
“STOP THE FALSE CANADIAN SLOGAN WE ARE LOOKING FOR THE BEST INTEREST OF CHILDREN”                                                                                                                                                        It is outrageous that the police in complicity with the school authorities have detained a thirteen year old just for filming an act of violence between two peers, these physical aggressions is very common in Canadian schools. Also more surprising is that, the school officials are using methods of intimidation against students in order to cover up the lack of discipline that school officials must teach students in the classroom, how to behave at school with their teachers and other school personnel, lack of supervising the school playgrounds, cafeterias and classrooms is causing grave concern in students and parents. Brutalize a child with criminal tactics from the police is outrageous for parents; it can thus combat violence by students in schools? In addition, students in schools are not only exposed to violence of other students, as well to the cruelty and torture of some principal, vice-principal, school social workers and Children's Aids Societies Workers.

             EDUCATION FOR SCHOOLCHILDREN                                                                                                                                                STOP CRIMINALIZING SMALL CHILDREN  

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