Friday, December 21, 2012


                                                                                                                                                                                            History books reveal atrocities in different parts of the world, such as the Armenian genocide committed by the Turkish government, the Ukraine famine ordered by the Stalinist regime, the extermination of the Jewish people in Europe under Hitler's Nazism, the Cambodian genocide committed by the Khmer Rouge, Operation Condor latin-American military juntas,   Uganda, Bosnia, Rwanda, with a grim past.
                                                                                                        Finally the Canadian native people and the immigrants from around the world reveal the nightmares the genocide and crimes against humanity. Here in This Country over acres of land lay dead tens of Thousands of Native Children and parents and a ghostly procession of traumatized immigrant children and families, aimless With Nothing to do, and no hope in Their Lives, unable to move out of this vicious government system and the criminal societies, only waiting and waiting again and again the deadly pain. Accountable babies born in hospitals has been Abducted by criminals social workers, mothers, driven mad, screamed to them, you cannot take our babies They are our own life, is terrible to See These scenes of anguish, terrorism and pain. False Children’s Aids Social workers With Their motto of assassin’s looks and their motto we are looking for the best interest of the children and parents, armed torn paper and pencil are taking to the destruction the children.   Society’s workers delinquents going ahead with their bloody business, without to feel guiltiness for their deceits in the front of corrupts slaughters judges with treacheries send to the gallows the parents.
Continue: With White and black evidence… 

Oh! CANADA?                                             

IS WINTER HOW MANY HOMELESS PEOPLE ARE DYING IN THE STREETS OF TORONTO YEAR AFTER YEAR: MR. MINISTER OF HOUSING, MR. MAYOR OF TORONTO DO YOU HAVE A SAFE HOUSE FOR THIS FELLOW CITIZEN?                                                                                                                              

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