Monday, November 7, 2016

Victims of the Canadian Regimes and Ministry of Children and Youth and Family Services


Alert! We are Facing Domestic Terrorism with the Criminal Groups “Franz Noritz” Toronto and Catholic Children’s Aid Societies.

WHO IS FRANZ NORITZ - REAL NAME - FRANCISCO NARIS - Inca blood from a small town of 500 people from the province of Azuay, Ecuador? This children kidnapper Germanized his Inca name in Canada from Francisco Naris to Franz Noritz, because of his criminal desires to work with the police and Children’s Aid Societies. Thug which is one of the more vicious, cruelest, sadist’s terrorists of the group of individuals whom are the living symbols of racial hatred as they are: ROB MCMULLEN, DANIELLA WARNING, KAREN CLARK, PATSY HAMILTON DIABO…
Two Biggest Terrorists Organizations in Canada: “The Toronto and Catholic Children’s Aid Societies”
Where should civilians turn when no one can provide elementary protection of constitutional rights? How can the public enforce their own policy on those who put themselves above the law? Asking this questions is fundamental to begin a discussion on the subject of "International Human Rights" The grim problems people face of Police Violence, or those who are victims of Children`s Aids Societies, like mothers of the Plaza de Mayo in Argentina under the brutal military junta and others victims are the result of the uses and misuses of force and violence by those who control the apparatus of government and state agencies at any given time. This is something to keep and mind when we consider human rights and the endless struggle to preserve them.  Is not the right time to discuss the domestic terrorism against children and parents at national and international level?