Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Child Protection Service Is One Of The World’s All Time Most Deadly Organizations

Your Child Is Not Safe from the Global Elite’s Child Trafficking Rings
Child Sex Trafficking Children Sold

There is no greater nightmare than for a parent to lose their child. Subsequently, it is undeniably an inborn instinct for the majority of parents to guard their children’s welfare with their lives. When we read or hear about parents who have lost children our collective hearts break for these parents and grieve for the lost children.

What do us as parents do when key public officials, large corporations as well as powerful governmental institutions the key players in both stealing and sexually abusing our children? In my years of investigating these heinous crimes against humanity, I have learned that many in the global elite do not view the abduction and sexual abuse of our children to be a crime.
Criminal Child Protective Services Profits on Destroying Children & Family - GA Sen Nancy Schaefer

I have interviewed experts who have detailed stories of how our children are abducted by the various states run CPS’ and then trafficked into sex rings which service such events as the Super Bowl. As recently as three months ago, the FBI busted a child sex trafficking ring associated with the most recent Super Bowl in New York City. The corporate controlled media reported the bust as if the problem was now solved. There are dozens of such sex rings who steal children, in one form or another, and then prostitute these children to various Super Bowl functions. Many times, these children are exploited right under the noses of NFL security and local authorities because it’s good for business.

Innocence Destroyed - Part 1 - WARNING: Graphic Content

Of course this is a problem because we’ve aided and abetted the creation of a system which allows government to take control of our children’s lives.

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