Saturday, July 9, 2016

TTC: ”The Great Test Tragedy Is Not The Brutality Of The Evil People, But Rather The Silence Of The Good People.”

TTC LogoThe verbal abuse, fines and unjustifiable beatings against some commuters for part of the security personal from the TTC and the police could be resolved by educating the general public how to use the presto machine.  Because proper instructions are not provided by the Toronto Transit Commission, seniors, individuals which English is not the first language, and others people are struggling for the assistance of the pass byers.

   On Streetcars

All legacy and new TTC streetcars have PRESTO available. If you primarily travel by streetcar then PRESTO is right for you.
                                                                                                            A hand holds a PRESTO card, with a subway platform in the background.
The PRESTO electronic fare payment system is rolling out across the TTC. It is one piece of the TTC’s modernization efforts. All new and legacy streetcars, 30 subway stations and some TTC buses have PRESTO. By the end of 2016, PRESTO will be installed at all subway stations, and rolled out on all buses, including Wheel-Trans. During the transition you should carry tickets, tokens or cash, in case your streetcar, subway station or bus does not yet have PRESTO.
PRESTO fares more, more, more
  • $2.90 (Adult)
  • $1.95 (Senior, age 65+ / Student, ages 13-19)

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