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Workers from the "Children's Aid Societies" they are characterized for having antisocial features in their personalities, to cause psychological damages in children and parents without any feeling of remorse. I can prove it; that social workers as Franz Noritz, Daniela Warning, and Rob McMullen are dangerous delinquents, which do not have any capacity of regeneration from their antisocial tendencies. They should be removed from their jobs and from the society.

The similarities of crimes perpetrated in the USA or in Canada by the foster care systems on children are almost the same.

by Health Impact News/ Staff

Foster Care: “Best Interest of the Child” or “Child Abuse”? Theoretically, foster care provides a temporary loving, nurturing and safe home for children who are removed from their own families due to heinous neglect or abuse. This theory helps those involved in the system sleep good at night and feel like heroes.

 Two Biggest Criminal Organizations in Canada!!! “The Toronto and Catholic Children’s Aid Societies”                                                                                                     Canada is one of the more dangerous countries in the world for the wellbeing of poor children, youths and parents, ranking 03th of 35 nations. The roots of mental health, education, protection and destruction of underprivileged children and youths should be investigated by independent human rights organizations. Life annihilation of children and parents by the Ministry of Children and Family Services, private societies and the corrupted justice system is unacceptably. Every day Canada's children are in constant danger. 

Orphan Trains, the Forerunner to Foster Care
History repeats itself, especially if money can be made. Charles Loring Brace, founder of the New York Children’s Aid Society, conceived the “orphan trains” as a way to “salvage poor immigrant children,” moving them off the streets of the city and into “loving” homes in the country, sending them by trains to live with families who were complete strangers.
In Canada: A Disturbing Look at Children's Aid Societies
                                       In Canada: A Disturbing Look at Children's Aid Societies                                            


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