Friday, July 8, 2016

'Police violence against blacks in the US due to impunity'

Terror in America. unknown snipers fired on agents in Texas during a protest against police racism.

There are five officers killed and 6 others wounded. Police negotiated with one of the suspects who claim to have planted bombs.

According to police, two snipers shot the agents from elevated positions. Witnesses say the attackers have semiautomatic rifles. Aviation authorities restricted flights over Dallas.

USA experiencing a new wave of protests against police racism. It happens after the death of two African Americans at the hands of police in Louisiana and Minnesota this week.

International analyst Angel Guerra Cabrera approaches the subject in an interview with HispanTV from Mexico City.

Obama calls for urgent action on police reform in his country…/Obama-pide-medidas-urgentes-sobr…

The US president said that is three times more likely than black and Hispanic people being frisked by police than whites
The US president, Barack Obama, calls for urgent action on police reform in his country after the death of two black men by police in Louisiana and Minnesota.
Shortly before one o'clock on Friday local time, just landed in Poland, the first stage of a journey that this weekend will take you to Spain, Obama addressed the latest episodes of police violence against two black Baton Rouge (Louisiana) and Minneapolis (Minnesota).
The president praised that his country is more likely 30 percent that the police stop on the road to African Americans compared to whites.
Video: US police African American young murders
"We have seen tragedies like this too often," said the president in a hotel in the Polish capital, Warsaw, where he will participate in a summit of heads of state and government of NATO. "It's not just a black problem. It is not just a Spanish problem. It is an American problem and should concern us all. "
He noted that it has been observed that it is "three times more likely than black and Hispanic people being frisked by police than white people" and meant that all Americans should be "deeply concerned" about the violent murder of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile .
Murder of two African descent revives protests against racism in US
Thursday hundreds of people took to the streets of New York to demand justice for the two deceased men, under the slogan Black lives matter, against racism prevailing in the north country.
On the night of Thursday in Dallas, Texas, during a protest against police action against black citizens, four policemen were killed and several wounded when two snipers positioned on two parking garages, opened fire taking advantage of the peaceful march abuse by police that left at least two dead African Americans: Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, who were shot by police officers.
During 2015 the officers shot twice blacks compared with whites.
In context
African Americans represent about 13% of the US population and almost 40% of the prison population. A statistic often cited reveals that today there are more blacks in prison or under the control of the prison system (on probation, for example) that the number of black slaves to start in 1861 the Civil War in the US, a conflict that ended with the abolition of slavery.
The Obama Democrat responded to whom, he said, of 'political correctness' to refer to the protests against police violence speak, and who discredit the name of the movement 'Black lives matter' (Black lives matter) with the argument that "all the lives matter. " The Republican candidate for the November presidential election, Donald Trump, has made political correctness rejection of its arguments campaign. It also says that "all lives matter."

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