Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Killing for killing - weapons, USA, Violence...

Killing for killing - weapons, USA, Violence...

By Atilio Boron: In the collective imagination of much of the world American society is the ideal society. According to that rather than ideological mythological construction, a real feat of the cultural industry in that country, the United States is an open society, of intense social mobility, brimming rights, equal, loving peace, human rights, justice and democracy. A society also one that has assumed a mission allegedly entrusted by Providence to spread worldwide the messianic and salvific message that would redeem mankind from their sins and misery.

But that image has nothing to do with reality. America is a deeply unequal society, where the difference in income and wealth between the richest and poorest assumed in the last quarter century, edging and outrageous ever seen in its history. A society that a century and a half of the abolition of slavery is stigmatizing and persecuting blacks with a virulence that since one of them, Barack Obama, assumed the presidency of the republic did nothing but grow. For decades that white cops did not kill many blacks in the streets of America. A society that claims to be democratic when the brightest intellectuals of that country do not hesitate to characterize it as a bawdy plutocracy.

But above all, America is a sick society, with a proportion of addicts to all kinds of drugs that is unmatched worldwide and is the great stimulus to the drug trade; and a propensity for indiscriminate killing of children in a school, people in a cinema, African-Americans who attend church, people who go to a shopping, students who attend classes at college or gays who go a bar with friends and suddenly enters one of these psychopaths armed to the teeth and begins to shoot without rhyme or reason, broadcast, killing for killing. And they are not isolated facts but deep and repetitive features of a social pathology. A BBC report indicates that in 2015 there were 372 US mass shootings, which killed a total of 475 people and wounded 1,870.

The Orlando, the largest mass murder in American history, adds 50 more to that ominous list and 53 injured, some of them extremely serious. A chronic problem that is fed with the endless crimes perpetrated by the White House without pause in the Middle East and South Asia, raising some uncontrollable desire for revenge. According to the New York Times the attacker in Orlando bar 911 would have called police shortly before making his attack and expressed their loyalty to the Islamic State. 

Witnesses said that before starting to shoot shouted "God is great", but be careful with this information.
Beyond these questions, killing by killing, or kill to live a moment of celebrity, as the jerk who killed John Lennon in New York, or kill anyone to avenge the crimes of the United States in its crusade against Islam (as seems to be the motivation in this case) has become a historical constant and a symptom of the level of insanity that prevails in a society that seeks to establish itself as the non plus ultra of our time when it is actually a social formation affected by a serious disease that gradually, is destroying the very foundations of any civilized coexistence.

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