Thursday, June 23, 2016

'Dark era': Apology for 1981 Toronto bathhouse raids! But not criminal charges for the delinquents of the police force?

'Dark era': Apology for 1981 Toronto bathhouse raids! But not criminal charges for the delinquents of the police force, compensation by the vandalism caused as consequence of the raids, restitution of stolen property and pain and suffering!!!
Here are again the members of the Toronto Police Academy; law enforcement officers committed “To Serve & Protect” the Public. Most of their courses revolve around what they call Gang Sex, Assaults, tasering, thefts, vandalism, drugs, perjury and extrajudicial executions." Who are the "Victims?" We have to ask that question. They are Co- Workers, children, mothers, elderly tenants living in the slums of public housing and other marginalized people. They are social activists who are claiming by justice. They are starved mentally ill people who were and are abused and tortured by the system. They are the people of color and other minority groups. “They become the targets of those who learn their lessons at the Toronto Police Nazi Academy.”
Police document details gang sex assault allegations against cops
Three are charged with sexually assaulting a female parking officer in 2015.

From left to right, Sameer Kara, Leslie Nyznik and Joshua Cabero.  (Manisha Krishnan / Toronto Star)   
By Alyshah HashamStaff Reporter
Tues., June 14, 2016

Warning: contains graphic language and descriptions.
Three Toronto police officers are accused of sexually assaulting a female colleague in a downtown hotel room while she was too intoxicated to consent and slipping in and out of consciousness, according to new details in a court document released Tuesday. Read more inthe Toronto Star...

Study: Crime By Police Officers Rampant — 3 Cops Arrested Every Day, Over 1,100 Every Year
"The data directly contradicts some of the prevailing assumptions and the proposition that only a small group of rotten apples perpetrate the vast majority of police crime.”
A police officer throws an object at protestors, Monday, April 27, 2015, following the funeral of Freddie Gray in Baltimore.
A new study tracking criminal activity perpetrated by police found, on average, three law enforcement officers are arrested each day — around 1,100 cops every year — and, more pointedly, this is not the case of a few rotten apples.
“The most common crimes were simple assault, drunken driving and aggravated assault, and significant numbers of sex crimes were also found. About 72 percent of officers charged are convicted, more than 40 percent of the crimes are committed on duty, and nearly 95 percent of the officers charged are men,” the Washington Post summarized.
Researchers from Bowling Green State University received funding from the Department of Justice for the study, aptly titled “Police Integrity Lost: A Study of Law Enforcement Officers Arrested.”

Several findings should sound the alarm for the public to snap out of its idolization of police — particularly in the area of sex crimes committed by cops. Nearly half of all sex crimes perpetrated by cops were committed against underage victims — children — though police convicted in those cases were 2.8 times more likely to lose their jobs. Read more in Mint Press News...

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