Monday, June 6, 2016


Hey “FAMILY COURTS” how about you focus in the family. Can you not see these children being used? Can’t you see a child’s rights are being removed? Can you not see this bad behavior? Can you not see this parent abusing their rights? This isn’t what a family should be doing to each other. Put a stop to this vengeful act of hate!! DO YOUR JOB AS FAMILY COURT! 

Dr.Carlos Rivera faces another six months in jail. Long Island Backstory on location coverage                                                            Published on Jun 5, 2016                                      Investigative reporter Gary Jacobs from Long Island Backstorys continuing coverage of the Dr. Carlos Rivera case.

Beloved Suffolk County New York Pediatrician is being railroaded by unfair Judges and an vindictive ex wife and her new boyfriend. As if putting Dr. Rivera in jail for six months wasn't enough, they alienated two of his children against him and are now seeking to incarcerate him for ANOTHER six months?
When will this madness end? When will it be enough? When will common sense prevail? When will the courts finally start doing what is really in the best interest of the children?
It seems as though in Suffolk County New York, under corrupt chief Judge Randy Hinrichs, it wont stop until someone is indicted. We hope that day comes soon, and we will do whatever it takes to expose the truth of what goes on here in Suffolk County.
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Father speaks up about abuse by "CANADA family courts"

A hard working Canadian father speaks about his experience with abuse and corruption in Canada's morally corrupt family court system. He was originally an immigrant who came to Canada hoping for a better life here. If he had known about the justice system beforehand, he would have never come to Canada. The family court system is bringing shame to Canada world-wide.

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