Saturday, February 6, 2016

Canada Minister of Community and Social Services! Who is killing the children under the care of the Children’s Aid Societies?

                           Minister of Community and Social Services!   Who killed Ty Conn?

Who Killed Ty Conn follows the story of Conn's tragic life, which took him from a childhood of abuse to a life of crime, finally leading to his death at the age of thirty-two. By the time Conn had reached the age of two he had already been abandoned by his father, mother, and grandparents. Ontario child protection services intervened and allowed an affluent but unsuitable family to adopt him. The breakdown of Ty's home life led to foster homes, insecurity and petty theft. As Conn's sense of personal loneliness and abandonment escalated, so did his criminal activity. Multiple convictions for armed robbery and escaping prison eventually brought him to Kingston Penitentiary. Once again alienated and facing a hopeless future, he devised an ingenious escape plan. On May 7, 1999, he went over the wall. 

When the police finally tracked him down after a full-scale search, he chose death over prison. At the moment he shot himself, around midnight on May 20, 1999, Conn was on the phone with Theresa Burke, associate producer of CBC's the fifth estate. Burke and Linden MacIntyre, a fifth estate co-host, had met Conn in a Saskatchewan Correctional Institute in 1994 when they featured him on a show dealing with the effects of child abuse. In their opinion, Conn was not a hardened criminal but a man trying to come to terms with a life of rejection, and a danger to no one but himself
Linden MacIntyre On Tyrone Conn


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