Thursday, February 18, 2016

BREAK YOUR SILENCE! Victims of the crimes perpetrated by workers from the children aid societies!!

  “Truth is coming, and it cannot be stopped”                                                                                                                Edward Snowden                                                                                      
                       NAZIS AND THEIR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY” (Break your silence)
We appeal to all mothers and fathers; whom they have been victims from the workers of the children’s aid societies, police and the judiciary. To bring into the court for the public opinion, the child trafficking for profit! The abduction of vulnerable children, separation and torture of children and parents by the society’s workers and the judiciary are causing every year the destruction of tens of thousands of families in this country.                                                                 
Crimes against children are the most heinous crimes. That, for me, would be a reason for capital punishment because children are innocent and need the guidance of an adult society.
Clint Eastwood

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