Thursday, October 22, 2015


Toronto Sun has hidden the article Of Michele Mandel: "Death footage seen" of Thursday 22, 2015                                                                                         CANADIAN JUSTICE SYSTEM AND THE STRUGGLE AGAINST IMPUNITY...                                                        Again the circus of
impunity has started, with the mainstream media manipulating the public opinion, the judicial system with 13 honorable jurors very well selected, a "Honor's Roll" that are debating inside of the courtroom of the impunity, and a family who is grieving and desperately is claiming justice for his son.   

                                  THE NAZIS AND THEIR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY
 Like in the Nazi Germany the Gestapo feared police, were given huge powers to commit all kinds of crimes. Likewise in Canada the Toronto police have developed a policy of intimidation, fear, brutality and death. The public execution and tasering of Sammy Yatim by Officer James Forcillo and his partner proves the murderous instinct of the Toronto police officers. How are they trained to commit heinous crimes; and the manner that the Toronto police force administrates the law with their own hands? 


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