Saturday, October 17, 2015

"Canadian Justice System Is One of the Most Corrupt in the World"

As long as the Canadian justice system; is founded on injustice, the rule of law should be uphold fairness. But when the judges they are more unfair and sadists in the courtrooms, more respectable would be seem. 
- Nadir Siguencia 
Bikos 1
Professor Toth
Sociology 3360F
December 14, 2013
The Canadian criminal justice system prides itself on its adherence to the rule of law and unbiased justice for all within a framework of integrity and tradition. Law enforcement is an integral part of the criminal justice system, the current principles of which were created within a structural functional framework in the 1950’s era that considered social order as the most valuable norm to society. The structural functional framework works within the ideology that if one part of the system is broken, then the system as a whole is dysfunctional. Structural functionalists believe that in response, the system will morph into a new, improved version that will resolve any apparent dysfunctions. It is clear that society’s norms and values have changed since the 1950’s, as evident in evolving gender roles, increased cultural acceptance, and tolerance. Why then has the criminal justice system, well documented in its continued support of
White male domination, been so slowly to catch up with new social norms? This essay will examine the systemic structural problems inherent within the policing system of Canada and the pervasive inequality and corruption that it perpetuates. I will examine the variables of public perception, along with police deviance and culture to outline a framework response around the issue of structural deficiencies and its prevention of social equality within the Canadian criminal justice system. 

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