Tuesday, January 20, 2015


WHEN INCREASES THE SALARY FOR THE BUREAUCRACY! “INCREASES THE FARES OF THE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION FOR THE POOR”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          While developing countries are protecting the most vulnerable individuals such as seniors, children, students, and poor families, with a decent price in the cost of transportation, it is a shame that the mayor of this city is trying to hurt and make more miserable the lives of the constituents.  The majority of residents of this city are struggling to cope with the inflation high rates in food, shelter, and transportation, the Toronto mayor; who is at the service of the rich and powerful, again he has broken his political promise to freeze fares of the TTC. Mr. John Tory is proving that he is an opportunist politician without leadership and credibility to protect the prices of the transportation, despite of the highest rates of unemployment, and homelessness. If this city bureaucrat wants to start living in a real world; he has to understand that seniors and students which belong to poor families simply cannot afford to pay the TTC fares increase, because of the ridiculous government pensions and low wages. The Mayor of the city of Toronto, federal and provincial governments, should create fair fares for the public and a subsidized transportation for children, seniors, and students, in this manner the police, TTC security department, and justice system, can put an end the mistreatment and criminalization the most vulnerable people of this city. Mr. Jonh Tory the constituents of this city are expecting that you can comply with the promises assured in your political campaign for mayor, that their promises are not false practices of

                    https://metronewsca.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/ttc2.jpg?w=618&h=408&crop=1                                           Torstar News Service People lineup to board a TTC streetcar in this file photo.                                 Mayor John Tory and TTC chair Josh Colle announced changes to TTC service Monday. One key part was a 10 cent fare increase, effective March 1. Here is how the proposed increase will impact all fare types.
  • Cash: stays at $3; $2 for seniors and students (tickets go up to $1.95 from $1.85)
  • Token: $2.80 from $2.70
  • Three tokens $8.40 from $8.10
  • Seven tokens $19.60 from $18.90
  • Adult Metropass: $141.50 from $133.75
  • Metropass Discount Plan (MDP): $129.75 from $122.50
  • Student/senior MDP: $102.75 from $98
  • Student/senior pass: $112 from $108
  • Post-secondary student pass: $112 from $108
  • *Day pass: $11.50 from $11

Opportunism and corruption.  

TTC Subway Stations Busses and Streetcars…              Amid the Plaza was this crime.
He did not hide scrub the blood
of the people, neither the swallowed the sand of the
No one hid this crime.
This crime was in the middle of the country.  
                                                                                                                  Pablo Neruda


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