Tuesday, January 13, 2015

“The Impact of the Canadian Calamities on Survivors Children’s”

Michelle Zilio, CTVNews.ca: Tenebrous criminals involved in domestic terrorism?
Published Sunday, January 11, 2015 11:08AM EST

Canadians Al Qaeda: Network of Terror? RCMP and Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) agents are in Paris working with French security agencies, Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney told CTV's Question Period.

Tenebrous criminals involved in domestic terrorism?                                                     WHY? Tens of thousands of healthy happy children across the nation every year are hunted and kidnaped by the workers from the Children's Aid Societies. These two gangs of well-organized and trained professional criminals are committing systematic human rights violations in children and parents, with the funds from the federal and provincial governments. Because of the impunity from the authorities, for over a century these two private enterprises are keeping campaigns of terror, destruction and immolation of innocent children and parents. Canadian systematic bureaucratic state-sponsored are separating children from the parents, grandparents, and other siblings, this government has been causing traumatic horrible experiences for children and parents. Including the Children’s Aid Societies have been robbing innocent children of the last shred of human dignity, and to deprive them of any strength to resist and perhaps of any desire to live. Researching and studying the children Holocaust survivors can give us a better understanding of the traumatized small and innocent victims from the Nazis and the magnitude of their crimes against humanity. For the condemned of the Canadian Calamities, there is not one judge to whom to appeal for a redress of the injustices, or Canada premier whom can stop the atrocities committed by the Children’s Aid Societies. The torture, experiments, murders, and immolations, of Canadian children and parents have been seen by the international community as the worst crimes committed against the humanity.  

Mrs. Minister of Child and Family Services! EDUCATION FOR DEATH?
Canadians Al Qaeda: Network of Terror?
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