Thursday, October 9, 2014

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Ecuador will give legal support to children separated from their families in Italy
Ecuador's ambassador in Italy, Juan Fernando Holguin, said Thursday that four teams of lawyers to protect Ecuadorian children who "suffer violations of human rights" after being separated from their families by Italian social services.
There are four teams of lawyers in the cities of Rome, Milan and Genoa, which together with the National Institute of Family Education (INPEF) litigated in the Italian courts, at no cost to the Ecuadorians.
Affected are a total of eighty Ecuadorian children who have been removed from their families and taken to houses institutionalized in that "children happen to be in a situation similar to a prison," said the ambassador Holguin agency Efe.
He explained that the lawyers acting jointly with consulates, so that "the entire apparatus of the State of Ecuador to start working on new cases and review prior to test whether the procedure is right."
The priority of Ecuador is that the separation between the child and his family as a last resort.
Alternatively, he asked other family members to take responsibility for the children to and may remain within the family.
It also requested that the consulates are informed before removing the child from their parents, "which is currently not the case."
He also called proportionality in sentencing and to take into account that children "have committed no crime and should not be penalized."
He cited "a mother that the judge issued a judgment which can only visit his young son, assisted way, once every two weeks for one hour."
He also proposed the possibility that children return to Ecuador, where they have relatives, before coming to live in an Italian institution.
HolguĂ­n considered that the reasons that children are separated from their families "in many cases are not justifiable" and warned that "happen to be almost like a forced prison, because, for a child, is not suitable to grow in a institution, but in his family. "
He said that the reasons why children are removed from their families are varied, and criticized the economic reasons are one because, in this way, "poverty is being punished."
"We are arguing that this is illegal. It's a very strong violation of human rights," said the Ecuadorian ambassador.
In this case, noted that Italian law provides that children may be removed from their families "for reasons of urgency", a concept that is not already specified and causing a legal vacuum.
But even if children from their families to be separated for reasons of urgency, Holguin considered it should always be reported to parents "immediately" because, he claimed, "the Italian social services often leave school to children and parents when they pick up their kids at school do not know where they are. "
He hoped to have results for the month of December and found that "it would be a hit at least one child to return home for Christmas."
The ambassador recalled that the Ecuadorian president, Rafael Correa, denounced the situation, calling it "inconceivable" during his visit to Genoa (northern Italy) in April.
Furthermore, Holguin agreed with representatives of INPEF psycho-pedagogical support for Ecuadorian families whose children are protected by Italian social services.
Thursday's meeting with the ambassador and consular representatives INPEF lines define joint action under the Agreement signed on 23 September, by which legal and psycho-pedagogical support to affected families is provided.
The agreement is part of a program launched by the Ecuadorian government and national coverage within Italy.

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