Saturday, August 9, 2014

Children's Aid Societies: The Business of Kidnapping - Torture of Children and Parents - Destruction of Families - and the death of children!

The Impunity of the crimes committing by the “Children’s Aid Societies Workers and the complicity of the Provincial Government” are ruining tens of thousands of lives every year? Crimes Committed in this country, has jurisdiction in the "International Court of Justice," where these felons should be prosecuted and punished for their atrocious crimes.
"CHILDREN'S AID SOCIETIES BEASTS"                                                                             FRANCISCO NARIS (STREICHER) FRANZ NORITZ                                                         DANIELA (DANGEROUS) WARNING
Criminal Judge: MARY (BLOODY) HOGAN
                                                                                                            Kidnapping - Torture of Children - Mental Destruction - It's the law approved in the federal parliament for the Canadian children. Job promotions and do pockets full of money are the law dictated by the tyrants from the Children's Aid Societies.                                                                                                                                                    - Nadir Siguencia

The abduction of children, torture, and forced drugging of children and youth in foster care and group homes, which are under the care of children’s Aid Societies, remains order of the day in this country. Workers from the societies have been practicing methods of extreme violence against children and parents; to instill fear and terror aimed at silencing the victims. The list of crimes committed by the child protection Services, with help from the federal and provincial governments is surprisingly if we can bring a full compilation of cases. "Testimonies from the victims and overwhelming evidence show that the federal and provincial governments in complicity with the Children’s Aid Societies Workers are taking away the childhood of millions of children in the marginalized communities." The indescribable magnitude of the crimes committed by the two societies; should be condemned by the international community. Besides intentionally children and young people are subjected to mental and physical torture, the practice of the family destruction is a proved fact, as well the death of children who are under the care of the societies. The criminal acts committed by the Children Aid Societies workers; are well documented and lie in private records, provincial and federal archives and form part of the crimes against humanity. Crimes as genocide and holocaust committed in this country, has jurisdiction in the "International Court of Justice," where these felons should be prosecuted and punished for their atrocious delinquencies. History books are bringing to the readers, acts of violence and slaughters perpetrated against their own people by sickening rulers, like Caligula; an insane and sadist Roman tyrant, Genghis Khan; (Mongolia) oppressor who killed millions of people in the quest to create a huge empire, Hitler; Nazi psychopath dictator responsible for the holocaust, Pol Pot; (Cambodia) gruesome and notorious regime, who imposed terror in the population of his country, and killed his own people.

\\democracy , Justice! Are nothing more than sweet names?

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