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Also Canada is a country of heinous crimes of grief and mourning, a land of human misery without any hope. An ocean of human tragedy that their fierce waves drag millions of shattered lives!

To Serve & Protect - or - Academy of Assassins?
"The Canadian police are using all possible means to conceal the murder and protests currently underway in the city Ferguson USA"
Taken from the online newspaper Free Red:  »Featured, North America» In pictures: "War Zone" in Ferguson murder of young African American Mike Brown
In photos: "War Zone" in Ferguson murder of young African American Mike Brown

     Saturday, August 16, 2014 10:00                                                                                     "War Zone", this is how the American media described the situation in Ferguson, St. Louis suburb rocked by unrest since Sunday following the death of a young African American disarmed by police.
"This is not Gaza, Ferguson is" an article headlined The Washington Post. These riots, the most serious in the area of the last hundred years, led the governor of Missouri, Democrat Jay Nixon to withdraw from the streets to the local police, the body to which the officer who shot Michael Brown belongs.
Brown was a 18 year old with no criminal record. According to the police report, the officer fired because the young man tried to grab the gun when introduced into the patrol car after stopping him on the street. The version of several witnesses contradicted this version. Three witnesses say the police shot the young man when this was in the middle of the street with their hands up.
On Sunday, hundreds of people gathered to protest the death of Brown, but the protests turned violent in the next two nights after the police refused to reveal the name of the officer who fired. The night of Wednesday to Thursday, the police dispersed the protests with tear gas, stun grenades and dogs. Also arrested two journalists who once released without charge said they had been abused.
A few years ago whites were a majority in Ferguson, but now two thirds of the population is black. But of the 53 players that make up the local police only three are black. The police chief himself acknowledged yesterday that the main problem that locality is the 'race relations'. To this must be added the serious social and economic problems facing this suburb.
Over the past five days, several American cities were the scene of mass demonstrations, in which participants criticized the police for the death of Brown and asked to racial killings.
de Brown y pidieron el fin de los asesinatos raciales.


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     Alicia Villoldo-Botana written August 16, 2014, 11: 01Subo my facebook. Thank you very much for the pictures. All police forces in the world speak the same language of repression and torture. What repugnant in the  governments.
     Villegas Honan wrote the August 16, 2014, 16:08 Go go go and then the United States giving lessons in respect for Human Rights, when are the first to kill and repress their own people on racial grounds. Shame!
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  • Alicia Villoldo-Botana escrito el 16 agosto, 2014, 11:01Subo a mi facebook. Muchas gracias por las fotos. Todas las policías del mundo hablan el mismo idioma de represión y tortura. Qué ASCO de gobiernos.
  • Jonán Villegas escrito el 16 agosto, 2014, 16:08Vaya vaya y luego Estados Unidos van dando lecciones de respeto a los Derechos Humanos, cuando son los primeros que matan y reprimen a su propio pueblo por motivos raciales. Vergüenza!

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