Saturday, August 23, 2014

“Canada Minister of Health” The unnamed child victim of the Canadian holocaust appeals for medical care?

“Canada Minister of Health” The unnamed child victim of the Canadian holocaust appeals for medical care?
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soon as possible                                                                                                      How many lives have been lost: children tortured - women traumatized - seniors mistreated - men brutalized, because the ambulance workers and police force feels free to terrorize and brutalize vulnerable children and minorities’ people?

                                                                         Canada’s Invisible Children Racial Guinea Pigs? Victims of Crimes Against humanity!
The experience of discovering, documenting, and publicizing the danger of racial violence, how the medical field in this country is supported by the police to repress, intimidate, and  denied medical help to a child which his health it’s deteriorating. Two white “Ambulance” workers prone of racial hatred became influenced by social prejudices when the health’s of children and minorities people are in danger. It’s the right time to ask the federal government and the Minister of Health, if they are supporting the doctors and ambulance workers to target vulnerable children in need of medical care. Also the lack medical professionalism, to denied medical attention the child, and Nazis tactics of intimidation and brutality from the ambulance workers against the parents is a great concern in this nation? The role which is proved and are carrying out by two ambulance “Gestapo” workers in this country, about the suffering and agony of children we will bring to light, with medical evidence that repose in hospitals, doctors offices, private institutions, and private files.                                                                                                                                              Mail to: 
                                               Investigate the two white "Gestapo" Ambulance Workers                                                Toronto Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provides emergency ambulance service to the City of Toronto. When somebody calls 911 for a medical emergency, Toronto EMS paramedics assess, treat, and transport the patient to a hospital emergency department. Toronto EMS is the largest municipal land ambulance service in Canada, and the sole emergency ambulance service in Toronto.

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