Friday, July 25, 2014

To Serve & Protect - or - Academy of Assassins?

Nazi Holocaust – Armenian Genocide – Ukrainian Holodomor – Ruanda Genocide -                                                                     CANADIAN CALAMITIES:                                                                                            
       Progressive governments in developing nations are respecting the human rights. In the year 2012 I traveled to Quito, Ecuador in the Guayaquil street I saw a drunk person sitting in the sidewalk, a police officer spoke with him and after a few minutes a van with 2 women and a man approached him.  To my surprise the three workers were a nurse, social worker, and a support worker that they were offering transport him to a detox center, he immediately accepted.                                                                                 
 CANADIAN CALAMITIES: Giving body cameras to police officers will stops the abuse, provocations, unjustified beatings, and massacres perpetrated every day by the police force. But the recommendations of the judge Iacobucci, to use the "Tasers" which also is a lethal gun would be causing more deaths and injuries in underprivileged people. This cruel Report and Recommendation is the continuation of impunity for crimes of State. 
Canada is a country of heinous crimes of grief and mourning, a land of human misery without any hope. An ocean of human tragedy, that their fierce waves drag millions of shattered lives.
                                                                                                                                                      STOP: POLICE BRUTALITY AND THE SLAUGHTER OF INNOCENT PEOPLE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Thebrutal beatings, tasering and killing of people committed by those working with badges and guns should be taken very seriously by the government and the judiciary, because how responds law enforcement for the public is questionable? "Hundreds of thousands of children, women, elderly, men and families have been framed, brutalized, and executed by the police." It would be worrying if we were far enough away to give the names of the victims individually and prove that were murdered for being poor or belonging to disadvantaged communities.
Give Toronto officers body cameras and Tasers, lethal-force report says                                                Jill Mahoney and Ann Hui                                                                                                                                 TORONTO — The Globe and Mail                                                                                                                                        Published Thursday, Jul. 24 2014, 6:50 AM EDT                                                                                                           Last updated Thursday, Jul. 24 2014, 9:34 PM EDT                                                                                                          66 comments                                                                                                                                                                          Mr. Iacobucci’s recommendations on tasers and body-worn cameras are in line with Chief Blair’s position on the technologies, but will prove both expensive and controversial. The estimated cost of the report’s recommendations has not been tallied.                                                                                                          The report has also sparked debates about priorities. The Canadian Civil Liberties Association, which will sit on the advisory committee, supports body-worn cameras but is strongly opposed to expanding taser use, saying the additional money would be better spent boosting the number of mobile crisis intervention teams (MCIT), which consist of a police officer and nurse.                                                                   In addition, the Iacobucci report recommends enhanced mental-health training for officers, allowing police to access people’s mental-health information in some circumstances and emphasizing the importance of de-escalating tense situations. As well, it urges expanding mobile crisis intervention teams, which are not available overnight and do not respond to incidents involving violences, and developing complementary police crisis intervention teams to provide a specialized 24-hour response to calls involving emotionally disturbed people.                                                                                                       Among the recommendations:
  • Create a comprehensive police and mental health oversight body that includes emergency medical services and mental-health organizations. The committee would develop a protocol to allow police access to a person’s mental-health information in certain circumstances.
  • Educate officers on available mental-health resources, and ensure all new officers go through a “mental-health first aid course”
  • Develop a working group to study the role of police psychologists, including considering involving them in promotion decisions. Enforce mandatory “annual wellness visits” with a TPS psychologist for officers in their first two years on the job
  • Make sure mobile crisis intervention teams (MCIT) are informed for every call involving “emotionally disturbed persons.” The teams consist of police officers and mental-health nurses, but are not available 24 hours a day. He also recommends expanding availability of the teams so that there is at least one MCIT unit per operational division and examine whether they can be provided 24 hours per day.

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