Thursday, July 24, 2014

To Serve & Protect - or - Academy of Assassins?

Nazi Holocaust – Armenian Genocide – Ukrainian Holodomor – Ruanda Genocide -                                                                     CANADIAN CALAMITIES:                                                                                                                                            It is so stupid for the modern tyrants not being able to recognize the courage of a man before to put between a wicked pack of hounds, to degrade, to torture, and in some occasions to assassinate. For experience let me say these autocrats and tormentors are creating rivers of innocent blood and enraging our hearts with resentment eternally...                               - Nadir Siguencia
     To Serve & Protect - or - Academy of Assassins                                                                                    

“Canadian Media” A Report of 350 Pages and 84 Recommendations for the Continuation of the Commission of Crimes!  
For how long we are going to allow the media of this country, their journalists continue using the phrases: excessive use of force, psychiatric assessment after those detainees are submitted to brutal beatings by part of the police. The police being perpetrated heinous crimes of the same magnitude of the Taliban's or Al-Qaida’s, and the judicial system are helping in the perpetuation of human rights violations in this nation. Screens of televisions of this country are bringing to our homes the slaughters committed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya by the government forces, the same massacres are happening in this nation. The State Criminals are protected by the government and authorities; they walk freely in the streets of this country. Latin American progressive governments brought to the justice all the assassins of the "Operation Condor," military and police that committed heinous crimes, against the civilian population. The Canadian government is protecting and giving immunity to commit massacres in their own people? In Canada the so called Coroner Inquests with their report pages and recommendations, is a waste of money, time, and helps to the impunity of crimes committed by the police.
NEXT: Omar Speaks | His Letter to Boycott the Military Commission in Guantanamo
July 2010, Omar: “I plan to boycott the process. I have my reasons.” He explained those reasons by reading to the court a handwritten statement later distributed to journalists:

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