Thursday, April 3, 2014

“Neither forgiveness nor oblivion:Are the cries of pain which makes echoes in the voices of the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo”

             Pardon! What I did to ask for your clemency?
Must the bells are ringing strongly; “inside my heart and brain”
Honor's my forgiveness’. Pardon my Lord, and Pardon my Gods…
Pardoned are yours intimidation, corruption, and criminal complicity…
In the ruthless butcheries of innocent people, inside of the dark and secret courtrooms                                             Judges from  judiciary system, please do not make business with slave blood!                                                    

The mass media are manipulating every day the readers? The justice system workers from the Brampton Court, hides the real motive for the bloodshed?  "Only the Video Recordings from the Surveillance Cameras, Recorded Audio Tapes, and Transcripts of the Hearings of the Brampton Courtrooms, may Reveal the Truthful Facts of this Carnage"                                                                                                                                                           
Neither forgiveness nor oblivion: Are the cries of pain which makes echoes in the voices of millions of victims of terrorism of the State in Canada”                                                              
\\democracy , Justice! Are nothing more than sweet names
Between the terrified screams of our children, that someday may fail?
I call upon the Canadian media in order to reveal and bring to the people of this nation, the truth of what is happening in the secret courtrooms of the courts houses. As also the crimes committed by those who proclaim to maintain the peace and the order in the corridors of the courts. “In my possession I have overwhelming evidence for the public can judge it for themselves, the enormous injustice of the judicial system”. The State Terrorism and impunity of the crimes, committed by the judges, Crown Attorneys, Duty Counselors, police, court guards, on countless victims, should be investigated by some independent international organization of human rights. 
                                 PARDON: Seniors under Police Brutality or Terrorism of the State? 

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