Friday, April 25, 2014

Inside the dark legacy of the Canadian Police Force; Unnecessary Beatings on Detainees and public Executions!

The Gestapo: A History of Horror?

 Toronto Police! A History of Horrors!!!
The public execution of Sammy Yatim by the officer James Forcillo, make us to understand the nature of the atrocious crimes committed by the police. What evils can do, on their own fellow citizens, without receiving punishment for their crimes?  The Toronto police force throughout the years, they were practicing police brutality, and were showing to be part of a vile collection of criminals, thugs, misfits, sadists, and kidnapers, bound together by their racist philosophy, of beating the detainees, and to commit massacres in vulnerable people. Their love to the practice of hate makes them: the stronger their stranglehold on power; the more monstrous are their crimes. Impunity of the crimes committed by the police, on civilians in this country remains a source of major concern. Some members of the police force were charged and prosecuted for their delinquencies by the judges, from the lower courts, but never convicted for their crimes. The police; perpetrators of great abuses, unjustifiable crimes, continue evading to be convicted, and jailed, for their atrocious crimes.



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