Wednesday, April 30, 2014

“Canadian Media Accomplices of Crimes against Humanity”

TREACHEROUS MEDIA ARE BRINGING THE TRUTH OF THE HUMAN CARNAGE IN THE COURTHOUSES?                                                                                   

                                                                                                                                                     “COURTS OF JUSTICE OR

SLAUGTHERESS COURTROOMS”                    

Currently in the Old City Hall Court, it is conducting the trial of police officer James Forcillo, accused of the extrajudicial execution of the young Syrian -Canadian, Sammy Yatim. The videotape that exposed to the public, explains the murder of this young boy at the hands of the police, this crime was completely unnecessary,  because the officer Forcillo or the police force, at no time they were in a dangerous situation, or with a dangerous individual. The use of the firearms by the police on the humanity of Sammy Yatim, "the use of a taser with high voltages of electricity in the lifeless body of Sammy Yatim, is a crime against humanity" These crimes of lesa humanity have to be brought to an International Tribunal of Justice.  As usual the mass media in this country, they depart from its duty of bring to the readers and listeners, the development of the trial hearings performed in one of the most putrid courts of this country, The Old City Hall Courtrooms. The lack of coverage by the mass media in this criminal process, demonstrates again, that the media in this country are accomplices of crimes against humanity, and are part of the impunity for state crimes.
 Evidence... aqui viene.
The mass media are manipulating every day the readers? The judiciary, court guards, and the police from the Brampton Court, are hiding the real motives for the bloodshed?  "Only the Video Recordings from the Surveillance Cameras, Recorded Audio Tapes, and Transcripts of the Hearings of the Brampton Courtrooms, may Reveal the Truthful Facts of the Brampton police Carnage"

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