Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Latin Americans Injured Workers; Edward and Kevin’s, they bring to the public in this video, the abuses that injured workers have to face especially in the appeals process.               

WCB CENTER OF MEDIEVAL TORTURE…                                                                                                                                              The Massacres committed in this country are awful, extensive, and sinister, to mention and describe to the people of the world. The Nazi history brings us the agony of millions of people; the human tragedy practiced on Jews and other minorities of people from around Europe. The name of the Nazi monsters is printed in the books of history, which describe the brutal crimes practiced on children, women, men and elderly people. The same atrocities have been committed in Canada with injured workers for almost a century. Worker’s Compensation Board and family doctors subjected to human experimentation with large radiation doses to hundreds of thousands of injured workers. In order to cheat the Worker’s Compensation Board benefits and deny physically rehabilitation to injured workers. The Compensation Board, orthopedic and family doctors used incapacitated workers as guinea pigs, countless times sending them to be exposed to an unnecessary radiation on the x rays machines. Evidences of this denunciation; repose in private clinics, as well in the archives of the Worker’s Compensation Board of Ontario.

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