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Images of the video; showed the world that he was executed.                                                                                                                         "Toronto Sun"     Here we have a perfect example of a fascist and racist newspaper which is helping to the disinformation, manipulation, and in the cover-ups of the heinous crime committed by the police in Sammy Yatim. This newspaper for many decades with their journalistic behaviors, it's causing social injury, in immigrants and Canadian people. Is questionable the process for controlling the police crimes, and the role of this newspaper and their journalists? With their publicity to judge the police as victims, and the victims as criminals, is part of their journalism in decay. The truth is the police are hired, well paid, and pledged to "serve and protect" the citizens of this country? Anyway the Canadian public and the world are aware, that Canada is a police state, where exist excessive police brutality and executions in the eyes of the people of the world. Where the crimes committed by police go unpunished because of the corrupt judiciary system.        


Lawyer for James Forcillo says charges not needed in Sammy Yatim shooting

By ,Toronto Sun
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James Forcillo
14 Division Const. James Forcillo has been identified as the officer who fired the shots that killed Sammy Yatim. ( photo)
As many “rush to judgment” over what transpired in the fatal shooting of Sammy Yatim, Const. James Forcillo’s lawyer says putting this case before the criminal courts is not the answer.
“The public would be much better served by an inquest than a charge,” lawyer Peter Brauti said in an interview Saturday.
His client has not been charged in the shooting but has been suspended with pay after firing nine shots toward a knife-wielding teen on the 505 Dundas streetcar near Trinity Bellwoods Park on July 27.
The SIU is investigating the shooting a week ago that left the 18-year-old Yatim dead — but also shattered Forcillo, a six-year police veteran.
“He is completely devastated,” said Brauti. “He has been involved in the loss of a human life.”
He wouldn’t get into details of what type of counseling Forcillo may be receiving but confirmed he is definitely getting “support — emotional and psychological.”
That being said, commentary from some “pundits” is not based on correct information and is jumping to conclusions before all the facts are in, he said.
The prominent lawyer wants to remind everyone his client was on the job doing his duty and not someone involved in criminal activity or anything untoward at the time of the shooting.
He was at work.
“It’s not like there was a racial conflict or something like that,” Brauti said. “He was facing someone with a knife and made a judgment call.”
And since then, there has been “a rush to judgment from people talking about the suspect being a mentally ill person and I have not heard that he was,” Brauti said.
One policing source said, as stark as it may seem to the regular public, officers are trained to shoot to kill and to keep shooting until the threat has stopped moving.
Wherever this case goes, training, procedure, equipment and supervision will be part of the discussion.
Even though there is video available for the public to scrutinize, the SIU has access to all evidence from that incident to help determine if there was what many describe as “overkill” or if Forcillo was justified in his actions.
Brauti described the tone this week as “political” and in many cases it did not take into consideration the full picture.
An example of things that are taken out of context is an old web page that his client and a friend set up to promote their weightlifting gym.
The website says Forcillo’s Gym is intended “to provide teenagers of all ages with the best possible information on getting huge. We are completely opposed to the use of roids and we strongly discourage any juicers from reading further.”
It goes on to describe the necessity of “hitting the body hard” with a strenuous training regime and concludes with: “The reason I put myself through this torture four times a weeks is simple, I want to be huge.”
Brauti said the lingo is the kind of vernacular used in the “pumping iron” culture that erupted from the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie in the 1980s.
It’s speaking to a niche market. There is nothing illegal with the musings but Brauti says no matter how it’s interpreted, “My understanding is it was a decade ago ... written over 10 years ago and not reflective of who he is today or with his circumstances in policing.”
What is relevant is that his client is a highly regarded cop who is “respected by his colleagues,” Brauti said.
While he didn’t know him very well before the events of the past week, Brauti said he has discovered Forcillo is a “hard working family man who was a court officer who had the dream of becoming a police officer and stuck with it.”
His client won’t be discussing anything concerning the case during the investigation, he said.
The SIU has not said when it expects to conclude its investigation but sources say sometime this month would be a reasobale assumption.
Time will tell if Forcillo, or others, are to face charges.
Either way, while many are outraged and want to see prosecution, Brauti feels the best way to learn what happened, and why, would be in coroner’s court, not a criminal trial.

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