Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Corruption of the Toronto Police and the Court.


Two weeks after the charges against the accused, Hugues Idholo was withdrawn, due to the corruption, by the police, the crown attorney and the court, the police has contacted the victim, on Thanksgiving Day, to tell her about the case and also claiming, that, the accused was to also write her a letter, of apology, as part of the deal, which has also not materialized, for his charges being withdrawn.  That is their version of the events, but the victim, in this case, would also like to see, all of them, answer to the public, for this corruption, as well.

Part Two:

When the police was called, recently, about the man Huges Idholo and another occupant, who is also believed, to be the sister, of the owner of the building, allegedly setting off the smoke alarm, by putting oil, intentionally, on the burner of the stove, two rogue cops, from the Toronto 14 division police, showed up and insted of doing an investigation, actually gave him the 'high five'.  They also commented, that, he did not have to speak, to the police, about the incident and send him off on his way.  The fire department, however, has also taken the complaint, of what appeared to be mischief, on his part, more seriously and is also investigating, the incident.  Since having the charges against him withdrawn, the man has been acting really brazen, believing that he can get away with anything.  He has even told the victim, that the police also claimed, he was to write an apology letter to, but which she has also never received, either from him, or from the court, that, "the police won't arrest him and that she was a loser".

My take on that comment, is that the man also need to see, beyond his peripheral vision, because if I remember correctly, he is also facing other charges, regarding the victim. The charges of assault with a weapon, uttering death threats and threatening to kill an animal, are not charges that should be taken lightly. One police officer, did called the accused
                        Toronto - The Crown Attorney Office, Witheld the 911 Tape Evidence

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