Saturday, October 13, 2012

Revulsion – Revulsion and Revulsion

  The same Repulsion is happening in Canada Mr. Primer?
                                                      “THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT FOR CRIMES AGAINST                                                                                         HUMANITY”
                                                                                                              The same revulsion happens in Canada with the Police and social workers belonging to the most brutal criminal organization "Children's Aids Societies" whom for the purpose of keep running the lawless business curtails families and destroy children and youth.  These Gestapo societies workers had been controlled, tortured and slaughtered native children, must now the immigrant children and other poor children are in their blood-spattered agenda for almost a century – they exercise sadistic power in parents, intimidate us, tell us to accept their false accusations, decide the fate of the family, how to live, how to rise our children, destroying the families, etc. Eventually if someone of us does not follow their destructive pretenses the judges from family or criminal courts without any evidence in their slaughter’s courtrooms commit a complete massacre in our families.

Mr. Primer, Minister of Social Services, Minister of public Safety and Media, my children point of view, for years they were mentioning it was frightening and bewildering experience, father please don’t get upset with them but Rob Mc Mullen is a bad person and the foster mother always was screaming us. The abduction and brutal acts of terror and horrors committed against my children with excessive sadism for the psychopath’s social workers from the CAS and others makes me to react when I see endangered children or youth in need of help.

CPS Steals Children for Profit - Your Tax Dollars in Action!

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