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The well documented files from the Children’s Aids Societies and families can show to the world the tales of horrors, willfulness, and ill treatment of children and parents by the society’s workers, police and judges from the provincial courts. The excessive methods to silence the victims, the abuse, torture and sadism, prove that is part of the system, where the Children’s Aids Societies are responsible for the mass destruction, holocaust of innocent children.

The Societies always use to paper their intimidations, repression, sadism, in order to control children and parents, according to the requirements of their bloody business, in this capitalist system. The CAS grossly crimes are sufficient support for enquiries in order to change the harmful, bestial, and their pleasurable criminal practices?

The history of Canada responses to the immigrants, poor and less fortunate evolved on the heels, of government institutions. The position of immigrants, and poor people during decades still supported by slavery, these are facts. The truth that rules our broken lives, our fears, is coming to light, from now on you can see how, The Children’s Aids Societies, (Gestapo) Police, and Butchers Judges especially from the Provincial Courts, are making business with immigrant, children’s, and parents blood. It’s time to call all the state victims in order to form an investigatory commission of some sort, or we can call on the Canadian government to establish a nationwide “Commission of inquiry or Truth Commission to probe the claims of gross human rights violations committed by the Children’s Aids Societies”

For years I tried to denounce our living hell, every day when I call my wife and children, I want to go home immediately to see if my children are safe at home from the beasts of CAS workers. When I speak with traumatized children or mothers in public housing, courtrooms, schools, streets, I think it might be my children, my wife; or that might be somewhere in those destructive conditions. How many times I went to the dungeons of bloody business from the CAS, they brought my children in terrible psychological and physically condition to show me; I know for experience what occurred to them. When I looked their small faces for the time of my visitation and I know what happened in the foster homes. I ask myself thousands of times; how can I live this way? Why did they take our healthy and happy children from us, our happiness?

The displayed notes, letters from the CAS, trial transcripts, medical reports, and other documents, shows my truthful denunciation, the brutal form to fabricate false evidence against the parents in order to torture and traumatize for life the children. These sadist beasts from the Children’s Aids Societies Workers are sheltered by our Government, Judges, and other authorities.


Nadir Siguencia

1554 Davenport Road

Toronto, Ontario

M6H 2J1

Tel: 647 835 4408

July 14, 2011



340 College Street West Toronto, Ontario

Tel: 416 944 0087

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing this letter on behalf of my wife Mrs. Eliska Siguencia and my two sons, Edward and Paul Siguencia. My family of three is currently living at 58 Waterton Road, apartment 203 in a bachelor apartment, which is not suitable because my older son is sleeping in the bedroom and my wife with younger son using the kitchen.

The current apartment is approximately 560 ft; inadequate in size and space for my family comfort and well-being. My family was intimidated and forced by the property manager from Dundas and Gooch and the Metro Toronto Police, to move to the present place, where we lost our living condition. I denounced publicly and demanded verbally for the immediately transfer without any hope.

For many years we were discriminated by the property manager of Dundas and Gooch, because we are an interracial married couple, adding the persecution from the police. The housing officials and the police for many years attempted to break our family. Finally on September of 1997 it happened.

Two years ago my wife filed out the transfer forms with the specific locations for accommodation, but the public housing workers keep changing my wife original request.

I would like to ask you very kindly for your intervention in this desperate situation, which is causing suffering in my family.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Nadir Siguencia

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