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The Police are not only oppressors of daily brutality in the poor neighborhoods; they are also masters of sadistic atrocities, traumatizing children and parents. When this brute force detained people in the streets, regulary beat the detainees unmercifully and frequently shot and kill them at random, Showing scenes of horror, that can shock savages? and. "Creating terror in the minority's people" The well documented files from social activists, shows the harrasament, intimidation, brutal assaults, persecution, torture, intent to assessinate human rights defenders (Files at tha Attorney General Office, Provincial Courts, Superior Court, Appeal Court of Ontario.

I WOUL LIKE TO BRING SOME CASES OF EXCESSIVE VICIOUSNESS AND CARNAGE. ROBERT DZIEKANKI a Polish immigrant was tasered to death at the Vancuver airport, on october 14, 2007; the video posted in "You Tube" shocked the people of the world. Jean Pierre lizotte, Otto Vass, Charles Mc Gillivary; brutaly beaten to death by the police. Lester Donalson, Dudley George, Faraz Sulema, Edmond Yu, Jeffrey Reodica, Luis Antonio "Tony" Vega, Tony Romagnuolo, shot to death by the Police. Sophya Cook shot but still alive, however partially paralyzed. These actions of Police violence, display the government licence to kill and the fate of people in this country. POLICE INVESTIGATING POLICE THIS IS AN ONGOING FARCE?

The Canadian Government and the Justice System, until now failed to respond effectively, the overwhelming public demand to end the inpunity, and stop the Police Brutality in Canada. Although some police officers were charged and prosecuted, however were exonerated by the Judges from any wrongdoing. Regardless the well documented evidence from witness, court files, inquires.....

The Media in countries around the world, play an important role denouncing human rights abuses. But the same cannot say concerning "The Canadian Media in Canada" until the present time are guilty to cover-up the brutal human rights violations in this country. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, are reporting these crimes? We ask the International Community to help us, to denounce the mass human rights abuses, committed every day in Canada, for the Police and Children's Aids Societies. Preventing these catastrophes to happen again especially against the vulnerable children, women, seniors, and mankind.

I would like to share the dreams and hopes to get Justice. Go to a Legal Clinic from your Community, speak with your MPP, write a letter to the Ombudsman, get a Lawyer of your chice, file a Police Complain-go to the Hell. Fellows if you are living with the faith that; our legal cases can be resolved in the International Criminal Court? This is no more, than a day by day dream.



Every day, dayy I keep dancing and dancingg arounddd??

Inside, insidee; the same circus, same circuss, and circleee

File, filee a police complain, complainnn con todas las de leyyyy

Police investigating Police? Police Brutality? Go. Go, to the hellll

I live and live, day by day, with dreams and hopes, hopessss?

Write a letter, a polite letter to Mr. Ombudsmen, Ombudsmenn

He is sitting in Queen's Park Queen'ss Parkk to firmness injusticess

Ombudsman working for the Provincial Government, Governmentt

Imagination, imagination, up to the Federal Housee of Commonsss

Wriiite a letter or speak with your MPpp of your neighborhoood?

He is addressing speeches and speechees, Canada a Democratic countryy

where every citizeen is protected by the rule of law, by the rulee of lawww?

This is a mockery, cruel mockeryy; that never work, not one soul, with no onee

Reaching and reaching the zenithhh. The Internationall Criminal Courttt?

Lordss, Godss, Honourss, I give to you, the years of my broken heart, and bussiness files

Ja, ja, jajaja. Cold room, cold room, years, years and years of hope and bad dreamsss



YES, one application for freedom of information

For my frosted files of panic, agony and terror

Freedom, the looting and embezzling freedom

Freedom imaginary, inconsistent and fictional

I do not what to do with all this freedom, freedom.

Freedom of Information for the people of this nation Freedom of Information, freedom of the Justice System

This freedom is killing the Canadian autocracy

With the honor’s judges from the provincial courts

The nobles honor’s from the Superior courts

And the three aristocrats from the Court of Appeal

Where our appeal’s ends, covering up the countless offenses

High Court Judge’s accomplices of delinquencies and crimes

Brothers, Immigrants you are coming from the different nations of this land?

We bring in our heart and soul, diversity religions, belong to our faith…

Law of God: Law of Justice, to respect and follow by the people of this planet

Law of our Land a tyrannical law that never works, because is dictated by the man

Macabre Legislation in the Courtrooms of this country

Bloody business in the hands, hammers of the judges in the courtrooms

Act which destroys our lives, pain that we feel in our heart and soul

Bureaucrats’ freedom! For how long when we have to endure this slavery.

Freedom of information can I make a Question please now

When are going to proceed with disclosure of my complete file of documents Appealing at the highest court of this country. The Supreme Court of Canada

I would like to let you know. The Appeal Court is how far we can go. Dreamer!

So I got from Marlene Guillis, the Deputy Coordinator of freedom of Information the page 16 from the Minister of Correctional Services files. This is inconceivable?

From the thousands of Correctional documents at the different Institutions or

Jails around the province, “Canadian Caravans of Horror and Torture”

Mr. Siguencia in possession of the Minister of Corrections

Only two hundred and fifty documents, two hundred fifty…?

What a tomorrow is another day and ready

Co-worker shut the lights and sealed the office doors now

Thank you, Thank you, and thank you very and very much.

And admiration, my veneration and respect for yours devotion

To the Freedom, Freedom, and Freedom of this province

Privacy Commissioner: of this wonderfully Jurisdiction?

Nadir Siguencia

Listen to what they did.

listen to what’s to come.

listen to the blood.

Listen to the drum.

- James Fenton

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