Saturday, January 14, 2012


Dancing Africans dancing “Shaman Dance” with our spirit…….

Circle around, around to “ORBIS PICTUS” around and around

“The central fire, ELZABETH H. ELYS, clap and clapping denouncing the horrors of the staff of public housing”

That the Asians with their rhythmic are bringing the healing dancing

Trance and dance, healing dancing, the Holy Spirit is dancing………..

Muslims brothers: Pride for me, pride for Mr. Ford, Del Grande y Mammoliti, chair of the affordable housing, pride for the Immigrants Blood, pride for the Beasts and Culprits, and pride for all of us. This article is dedicate to the seniors, children, mothers, families, refuge people and homeless people.

“Not racists or oppressors are able to conceal their public housing horrors and crimes, because the consciousness of the Canadian people would denounce them


The Canadian government tried to convince the world that we live in a free and democratic country that respects human rights of their people, but Canada is one of the worst travesties in the world. The most abhorrent problems in this country is the persecution and brutalization of poor citizens, is so that the Canadian politicians shows with racial hatred, degrading insults their disrespect against the dispossessed class.
The minister of housing, employees, police, CAS, have full ability to control their tenants using especially police brutality, abduction of children, bullying by the children’s Aids Societies which is aimed to the parents. The PUBLIC HOUSING conditions of accommodation for the elderly, children, and families is inhumane. The mental and physical torture inflicted to the tenants by the public housing and others institutions is increasing, and the scale of terror, violence, by the public housing workers is inconceivable.
We have to ask our Prime Minister, Minister of Housing, Mr. Ford, Del Grande and Mamameleti, exist human rights for the poor people in this country? You are qualifying them as stupid’s, because they were destroyed by the bloody business of the judicial system, victims of police (Gestapo) brutality, sadism and Children's Aids Societies business, detention center (Guantamano, Canadian) Immigration , Shelters, worker's Compensation Board, or innocent citizens destroyed in the country's prisons and other institutions.
These are the stupid’s of PUBLIC HOUSING

From the “Toronto Star” of Friday 13, January 2012, Del Grande comments ‘insulting’ to the poor, says housing advocate. The racists remarks made by Mr. Erudite Del Grande, DE gradating, to the public housing people are unacceptable because he is showing his ethnic abhorrence not only for the poor, also for the entire communities living in this country. The cynicism and racism of these so called Canadian politicians are harming the cultural backgrounds of immigrant’s people in this nation, whom are subject to severe discrimination; maintaining and perpetuating oppressive forms of institutionalized racism in this country.

These are the damaging statements made by Mr. Erudite Del Grande, the example of morality and racists slurs, approved racism by Mr. Mammoleti and Mr. Ford. 1.-Poverty is the result the bad lifestyle choices. In the question of poverty and their consequences, the Canadian people are full aware of the brutality, destruction and especially the bloody business with the innocent lives of children, by the regime institutions.

2.-“They come out there with BlackBerrys, iPhones, $200, $300 running shoes, etc. The phones and running shoes are only part of the politician’s purchase and daily use?

3.-“There are a lot of people, when that welfare cheque comes in at the end of the month, that do exactly that. They go buy their beer……And we’re being told it’s none of our business because we give them the welfare cheque.” The Canadian public criticizes yours salaries, per diem, cellars full of beverages, Grande bars of beer and other brands, purchase with the slave blood.

4.-“THESE ARE THE STUPID PEOPLE WHO ARE LAZY AND MADE BAD CHOICES.” If this is your criminal view about these wounded, comminuted people’s lives in yours prisons is fine, but the public and the democratic governments around the world, will they deem.

5.- “It’s our fault for segregating a population that would behave in areas like non-responsibility for your family, and abuse of drugs.”

MR. Del Grande, the government and you Politicians are full responsible for the way, comportment, of the Canadian population. Speaking about the fellows of the limbo house, they are living with fears, fully controlled by the governments and municipalities policies, so yours slurs against the dispossessed class is part of your cynics. The segregated population is living without universal education, opportunities for the children, job training for the parents, slavery wage, for these reasons are confined in public housing. In regards to drugs your criticism is partial; the same is the question for yours bosses and chief’s children. They are free of drugs?

Blessed are the democratic governments that care about the happiness of its citizens, the children of their countries, the poor class, creating and implementing socials programs, the help to comfort the wrecked spirit of the forgotten class. It is worthy to send our wish of long live to the Bolivarian Revolution, with its maximum leader “COMANDANTE HUGO CHAVEZ”, their respective ministers and officials, for the hard work in the creation of social alternatives that benefit their people and others. The education and the programs of social housing is a clear example of love and care for the underprivileged class of his country.

The VENEZUELAN LEADER is showing to the people of the world, his capacity to carry out their beloved revolution. The social and economic transformation in his country in importance is to take care of his people and the deprived individuals from other nations. For all the above mentioned is a clear example that, this leader GOVERNING the continent.

Padrecito that approves oppression racism and police brutality, against their own community is an ecclesiastic purchased. Clergymen who sell migrants slave tomatoes and fruits workers for government money is a crook “Carajo.”

"Caminos Catolicos"

From and for the community.


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