Friday, July 2, 2010

To Be or Not to Be


I’m revealing to the people of the world, the crimes committed by the CAS workers, inhuman delinquencies against the Canadian civilian population. We never imagined that such cruelty, bestiality and savagery could exist in these immoral employees. How some architects with criminal minds obeyed the orders from the Metro Toronto “Gestapo” Police without recourse than their own conscience to persecute, intimidate, torture and destroy our families. In the Canadian ground lay more than fifty thousand native children who were killed in the cruellest form. And tens of thousands of immigrant children and families which every year are destroyed by the Children’s Aids Societies, Police and the corrupted Criminal and Family Courts.

The Children’s Aids Societies Agencies are no more than criminal organizations, who had been engaged to commit countless atrocities against social activists and the lives of poor families.

After twelve years of anguish finally I expose the names of the C.A.S. workers, individuals who are the living symbols of terrorism, sadism, racial hatred and destruction of the family.

FRANZ NORITZ - REAL NAME - FRANCISCO NARIS - Inca blood from a small town of 500 people, province, Azuay, Ecuador, person who Ger-man-ized his name from Francisco Naris to Franz Noritz, because of his criminal desires in Canada. This Social Worker is one of the “cruellest beasts and terrorists from the CAS” always determined to realize “his ambitions” exhausting brutal methods of coercion, alienated my children from the parents, mental and physical torture inflexed to our family. His unsuccessful threats to send my son Enver to a group home is the living proof of his cowardice. This social worker cooperated with the Metro Toronto “Gestapo” Police to be part of the vicious torture of my son Enver at the sergeant Michel house. For the crimes committed against our complete family he was promoted in his job. (Police, C.A.S., Criminal, Family Court files, photos, letters and witness are proving the vile collection of this thug).

ROB MCMULLEN - This brute collaborate with sadism with the Metro Toronto “Gestapo” Police in the kidnapping and agony of my two children. Later he showed his hate, brutality torturing my children Edward 4 years old, Paul 11 months old. He forced me to see how my children were destroyed psychologically and physically by him and his Agency C. A. S. During a home visitation Rob McMullen told me the sarcastic remarks, referring to Edward “ha, ha, ha, your son is a genius”. (Audio tape, photographs, video tape, wittiness, files from C.A.S., Criminal and Family Courts.)

DANIELLA WARNING - A monstrous person, architect figure for the kidnapping of my two children. Very cold women ready to cooperate with the police, direct accomplice of the torture and destruction of my children. Her sadism and duty was to play the good and the ugly, exhausting the mental anguish against my wife with cruelty. Photos taken by this C.A.S. worker show the psychological condition of my wife, the same are in her files and is a proof of her bestiality against our family.

KAREN CLARK - Typical Gestapo worker prone of perversity full of arrogance and cruelty, ready to intimidate the bravest. Her training in the School of the Americas or Canadian Schools at that time never worked with me, because I am educated every single day in the Canadian schools of social injustice. At this time she felt powerless to cooperate with the Regal Road Public School Principal, Vice - Principal and Metro Toronto “Gestapo” Police who were torturing my son Edward.

PATSY HAMILTON DIABO - Social worker from the C.A.S. who was trying to buy a statement from my family by inviting them to the McDonald’s for French fries, hamburgers and ice cream. (Trial transcripts Old City Hall)

JEAN PEASAH – I’m going to investigate more about her role in the torture of my son Enver. (Dr. Daniel Fitzgerald medical report)

DR. DANIEL FITZGERALD, Ph.D., C. Psych – A Doctor Who work with tortures in violation of their Hippocratic Oath “to do no harm” is the vilest moral monster who has committed my son Enver to severe mental torture, given false diagnosis. This ruthless torturer has a warped sense of righteousness – the idea that social activists are dangerous to bring the true of “Human Rights Violations” in this country. In our case he assisted the Children’s Aids Society and Metro Toronto “GESTAPO” Police; “We must be broken and defeated in service of the state”.

Over the years I listened the words allegations, I don’t recall inside the courtrooms, which I am well aware. The accusations made by myself against these tormentors I will prove with facts and part of this evidence are in the hands of the Judges of the North York 47 Sheppard, Toronto 311 Jarvis, Old City Hall 60 Queen Street West, Downsview 1000 Finch West, 361 Superior Courts and Attorney General Office.

The named C.A.S worker’s are no more than a bunch of sadists whom should be held accountable for their fierce tactics, vicious crimes and tried in a court of law. Until now they could be committing more abhorrent crimes causing real harm to other families? I can’t forgive this criminal gang who brutalized my children and my wife. Personally I don’t feel anymore fear, silence of a torture survivor. Us a human rights activist I would denounce to the people of the world “Breaking the frosted wall of silence”.

Our complete story will be very soon aired, and finally our nightmares are going to be publicized with facts and ten of thousands of documents.

The Canadian Media is guilty to cover-up all the despicable crimes committed by the Children’s Aids Societies, Metro Toronto “Gestapo” Police, Family and Criminal Courts.



Bogdan said...

I was by the Old City Hall yesterday.
I was interested in buying your human rights abuses primer.

Your e-mail bounced back.

Bogdan said...

I was by the Old City Hall yesterday.
I was interested in buying your human rights abuses primer.

Your e-mail bounced back.

Bogdan said...

Why I was by the Old City Hall court?

I wanted to obtain copies of court documents related to the August 9th, 2000 murder of Otto Vass.
If you do a Google search you will find out - more or less, what happened. The bandits wore Toronto Police uniforms.
And I decided to find out the truth.
Toronto Star published an article on Thursday August 10th a story.
The brutality and viciousness of the beating (as recounted by eye witnesses) that Philip Duncan, Filipo Bevilacqua, Nam Lee and Robert Lemaitre - administered to the victim was heartbreaking.
Why? What is the truth of the matter?
I submitted a Request for Information at 241-361 University Ave. Superior Court of Justice (federal juried court - as I was told by a clerk at the Old City Hall). The following Tuesday I got a call that the info is ready for pickup. Which I did last Friday - November 12th, 2010.
It turns out that the bandits in uniforms were found "not guilty of manslughter" charge.
But the 10 pages I got - including a copy of my original request
(the front page has an annotation P 687/02) - seem to be so disorganized - that a clerk at office 315 - where I went , to order trial/sentencing transcripts
was so confused that she asked to go back to 241. It is also interesting that I was not charges 1.00 dollar a page - as I should.

I will have to go back and re-request the info, but specify - checkmark "certified" box.

Bogdan said...

Something has to be done.

I just requested a meeting with my
MPP - Laurel Broten (in the past I was unsuccessful). It seems that the concerns of her constituents do not matter a lot to her.

Her e-mails:

And the contents of my e-mail:

Dear Madam,

I would like to meet with you to discuss what is your plan of action
to bring "bandits in uniforms" to justice.

Bogdan said...

It is incredible, I realized that today is November 17th.
13 years ago, in 1997, the Globe and Mail published a story - I think front-page. Stating essentially that Ontario legal system is a Devil's Playground. Literally it was a report of a conference organized by Law Union of Ontario - lawyer Paul Copland is a member I guess.
It presented the state of Ontario's so called "justice system".
And I will not say where I was on November 17th, 1997.
By the way Devil's Playground is not an original phrase. A learned scholar - prof. N.Davies wrote a book about the history of one country and he chose - for the tile "God's Playground".
I had a copy of the article and showed it Lauren Broten, when she campaigned for MPP's job in my electoral district. Did not interest her at all.
Also I contacted the office of Dalton McGuinty - when he was the opposition leader, about what he was planning to do about Ontario's Devil's Playground. Of course I did not use the phrase.
I got a response - he referred me to his published platform document.
NADA. Not interested in this at all.

Bogdan said...

Today I went to the 351 University Court and submitted again the Request for Information form - "certified" - 4 dollars a page.
Shortly after getting back home there was a phone call from the Court that the requested information was available for pick up. Interesting. Amazing turn around time.
But why would I use the phrase Devil's Playground. Frankly, it came to me quite recently. It seems to capture everything that's happening. Example. I carry with me a cut out from the Star that I will quote at lenght now.
"The jury of eight women and four men acquitted the 17-year police veteran (Amar Katoch) and father of three of assault, perjury and attempt to obstruct justice Thursday night after deliberating six hours".
"There was now dispute that Katoch punched Alex Levant","Katoch then tackled Levant to the ground, while at least two other officers piled on to place him in handcuffs".
"Katoch charged the activist with assaulting him and with attempting to obstruct a female officer as she arrested another person".
"But the Crown dropped the charges against Levant on the second day of his September 2004 trial after the defense surprised the court by producing a video of the whole incident that, unbeknowst to the officer, was made by a Ryerson University student".
"The video shows Levant standing peacefully before he was shoved and punched by the constable".
So Koch assaulted Levant, doctored his memo notes and lied on the stand.


That's what I mean - the essence of Devil's Playground.

And this is just a tip of an iceberg. Here we had video evidence.
But imagine all those situations where there is no video evidence and it's a matter of policeman's word and accused's word. Guess what is the result?

When you join Toronto Police Force you get a license to kill, assault etc. etc.
A few days ago the Toronto Star was running a series of articles under a joint title "Above The Law".

And I say: " a state where police are above the law is a POLICE STATE". Not unlike the former Soviet Block states.

So now the question arises.
How was a jury selected? DOn't they have some sort of collective perception problem? Or I have a perception problem?

I will pick up the info next week.

Bogdan said...

I submitted the request for info at 241-361 University Ave. Court
again. Amazing, shortly after I got home I got a phone call that
it is ready for pick up. This time it is certified - 4 bucks a page.
The quest for truth is starting to cost not only time but money.

So why do I call the Toronto Police - Ontario legal system a
Devil's Playground? The phrase came to me quite recently and it
seems to capture what's happening. And here are some quotes from
a Toronto Star story.
"The jury of eight women and four men acquitted constable Amar Koch
... of assault, perjury and attempt to obstruct justice ...".

"Const. Koch punched Alex Levant .... Koch then tackled Levant to the
ground, while at least two other officers piled on to place him in
handcuffs. Koch charged the activist with assaulting him and with
attempting to obstruct a female officer as she arrested another person".
"But the Crown dropped the charges against Levant on the second day of
his September 2004 trial after the defence surprised the court by producing
a video of the whole incident that,unbeknowst to the officer, was made by
a Ryerson Unversity student".


"Along with assault, he (Koch) was accused of doctoring his notes and
lying on the stand".

RECORDED TESTIMONY ON THE STAND - Toronto policman is not guilty of any
of that. That's what I mean Devil's Playground.
And this is a tip of an iceberg. Imagine that there is no video.
And it is your word against a policeman's word. Guess who will always be
believed in court. DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND.

Question: how did they select that jury?

Bogdan said...

Why do I get involved in this community improvement project?

At least 3 reasons:

1. whatever is happening violates my sense of justice.

2. a question of safety: when I call 911 I want a policeman to respond - not
a bandit in uniform.

In 1999 I attended a meeting of the Toronto Police Services Board - they are
open to the public. Also members of the public have the right to make a submission
to the Board. So I heard a submission from one of Devil's Playground's victims.
That gentelman had a dispute with his landlord about the commercial space he was renting.
The law was on his side - the landlord, with the use of falsified notices and use of
force tried to evict him. He called 911, but he got a bandit not a policemen.
It was him who was arrested - not the real law violators, he was assaulted by police etc. etc.
I read his complete file.
So you know what I mean.

3. it's a question of "dollars and cents".

A bandit in uniform - once an investigation is started is suspended from work -
BUT WITH PAY - pretty much invariably. So he is not working, collecting his fat paycheck
and you and I are paying for this.
The City of Toronto legal depatment defends the bandit in courts - and they have unlimited
resources that is what Paul Copeland told me one day - pointing to a row of boxes - the file
of one of his clients suing Toronto Police.
You and I are paying the bill - City of Toronto tax bill pays city lawyers' defending the bandit
their salaries.
And of course the court system is clogged with a multiple year case - and who is footing
the bill for that.

So obviously I have a good cause to fight for and I will persist.

If I err in anything please feel free to post a correction.

Bogdan said...

This site is maintained by Nadir.

Don't be surprised that it might become unavailable.

If it does - it's Toronto police Intelligence Unit who have the technical facilities to break into your e-mails, delete them,mess with your cell phones, simulate websites etc.
And I speak from experience.

The Devil's Playground is spreading like cancer.
Paul Woloszanskyi - principal - St. Leo's Catholic Elementary School, Ann Andrachuk - the trustee, Coleen Tovey-Shackleton - the superintendent in 2007/2008.

Children's Aid Societies - Nadir would know more about this.


Bogdan said...

Tim Kovanagh - 22nd Division February 2,2009. tel.: 416 808 2277

Bogdan said...

On February 4th I "laid an inforamtion alleging that the accused has committed an offence" (assault,obstruction of justice)

file no.:481599808 65896
The Ontario Court of Justice
2201 Finch Ave. West Toronto

But what chance would I have - even if I had a video of the incident - to get justice in Devil's Playground?

Bogdan said...

Why did I in the first place started paying attention to that group of Toronto's municipal employees?

Well, many many years ago a constable Junger had a side business - he ran a brothel/escort service. And these days - Toronto police engage in drug trafficking - yes I have reliable information. And of course - unconstrained disregard for the law.

Bogdan said...

Is it only me who feels that way?
How about this?
Gabriella Pedicelli "When police kill"
Alex Macdonald "Outrage. Canada's justice system on trial"
"Report of the COmmission on the Systems Racisim in the Ontario Criminal Jusitce System" Dec. 1995
"Report of the Criminal Justice Review Committee" Feb. 1999

"Criminal Injustice. Racisim in the Criminal Justice System" ed. R. Neugebauer

I've passed all of this material to Amnesty International - in February last year.

I wonder what they did with this?

Bogdan said...

I always fought/protected my privacy (that's how I ran afoul of the Ontario Police State System in 1996).

Why? There are a lot of puppet masters out there who - when it is in their interest - will create a virtual reality for you to use you to their own ends. And the more they know about you - the easier their task is. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO BE A PUPPET?

About police dealing drugs.
According to my information what they do is : confiscate drugs from one set of dealers and use their own dealers to sell and pocket the money.

Bogdan said...

Quote - June 4, 1996

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you to complain that the census
workers that visited our household exhibited ignorance
with respect to the census form.

The second visit by the census commissioner - Christine
O'Donnell (CCD11) was a sure confirmation of the above
I requested clarification of the following paragraph -
without any answer whatsoever - except for empty verbiage.

I am writing to you to request the answer to the following

1) what is the legal basis of the statement on page 6 of the
census form: "Your personal census information cannot be
given to anyone outside Statistics Canada - not the police,
not another government department, not another person".

Could I get specific reference to the laws/statutes assuring
the above?

2) my telephone number is not published - I consider it to be
personal information. The census worker mentioned that Statistics
Canada can get my phone number without my consent - to call me
with respect to the form? By what law would the telephone company
be forced to give you my phone number and by what means would get
my name in the first place? I will appreciate a very specific

3) does any law of the land regulate what information is requested
on the form? If not why?

I request a detailed, unambiguous answer to the above.

I advise you that a copy of this letter may be sent to my local MP
and appreciate a propmt answer.

As I told census workers - my request for clarification is not
a refusal to fill out the form - but is conditional on receiving
the above clarifications. I will be using a copy of this letter
in all my future contacts with any Statistics Canada personnel.

Yours sincerely,

704-35 High Park Ave.
Toronto, ON M6P 2P4 - End Quote

I never got any answer.

What I got was that The Devil's Brood dragged me into the Devil's
Playground - under a trumped up charge - and for three years
(1997 - 2000) were making my life into Hell.
Otto Vass was murdered on the 9th and my penultimate court appearance
was on the 11th of August, 2000.

Bogdan said...

Devil's Playground operational patterns.

When Robert Dziekanski was murdered in N0vember 2007 at the Vancouver airport, the first thing RCMP did was to deny any wrongdoing and confiscated the video recording of the murder.
The next thing they did was to dispatch a team of investigators to Poland - to do what? examine the murder scene, interview the witnesses, what evidence was hiding in Poland? No the went to dig up any dirt - so that they could say - we killed him, but he deserved to die.

The same thing happened with Otto Vass coroner's report - check it out on the Web. We killed him - but he did not deserve to live.
So everything is sort of OK.

How about the psychopathic murderers: Duncan, Lemaitr etc.

The vicious bandits are walking the streets of Toronto in police uniforms.
Do you really feel safe?

Bogdan said...

So who is the Devil's Brood responsible for the creation and operation of the Devil's Playground?

In order of responsibility:

Dalton McGuinty and his predecessors - they know very well what is happening and do nothing; obviously they want it this way.
Minister of the Attorney General and his predecessors.
Laurel Broten her predecessors and current peers.

By the way I have not heard from her office about the appointment.

Chair/Toronto Police Services Board and their predecessors.

Chief of Police - William Blair and his predecessors.
No matter what a bandit uniform does - he always get an unconditional support from his boss.

And this country was supposed to be a God's Dominion (yes there is a book by this title) - the authors of the constitution made references to God - what else could they have had in mind?

But if an ethnic holocaust survivor who become an unscrupulous profiteer in the Holocaust of the Unborn receives the highest national civic award - the Order of Canada - the Deveil's Playground has spread everywhere.

To be continued.

Bogdan said...

For those who aspire to be FREE CITIZENS not "puppets" the reading list.
I claim my privacy to be my fundamental human right.
"Dossier: The secret life of Armand Hammer" E.J.Epstein PhD
(an excellent study of a chracter who aspired to be a global puppet master e.g. answers questions like: why he wanted to buy a California bank etc.)
"Who owns information: A.Branscomb
"The end of privacy" Ch.J.Sykes
"The Transparent Society" D.Brin
"e.con.How Internet undermines democracy" D.Gutstein
"The Electronic Eye. The rise of surveillence society" D.Lyon
"Who knows. Safeguarding your privacy in a networked world" A.Cavoukian PhD

I donated the last five to Amnesty International - as study material for possible enagements.
Bob Goodfellow - executive director promised in February 2009 to look into that. I will have to check with him. There was ample time event with the most hectic schedules.
613 744 7667 x251

Bogdan said...

Did the "two bit" puppet masters who manoeuvered the case against McCormack (not the super detective) out of the court system - so that the rot/corruption/gutter does not see the light of day take their lessons form Armand Hammer?

What else could you expect in Devil's Playground?

Bogdan said...

Did the "two bit" puppet masters who manoeuvered the case against McCormack (not the super detective) out of the court system - so that the rot/corruption/gutter does not see the light of day take their lessons form Armand Hammer?

What else could you expect in Devil's Playground?

Stanislaw said...

The puppet masters at Google disabled my account on Friday.

Let's see if this works.

Stanislaw said...

OK - so on Thursday I posted the contents om my e-mail to Bob Goodfellow at Amnesty International.

It kept disappearing. On Friday I
tried to repost it. It disappeared and my "bogdan" Google account was disabled. Customer support e-mail from the help screen are not accepted.

The school of Armand Hammer - "two bit" puppet masters.

How about Amdocs?

Stanislaw said...

I am heading to the Google office
and see what can be done about my bogdan.* account.
By the way - when posting the letter I noticed similar messages.

They were informational - not error.

I went through something that awaits him - unfortunately. It will take a lot of money - but he will get out of it my guess.

How I got out of my predicatement?

Thousands of dollars in lawyer fees. One fired lawyer. Another - a different kind from the local RC parish. Personal action - to prove police perjury on the stand.
Paul Copeland - in standby - to appeal, which I did not persue, following the "good" lawyers advice.
I guess he knew what Devil's Playground is all about.

Stanislaw said...

I am debugging their program.

The compelete letter vanished.

I am reposting in pieces.

General Manager
Google Canada
27th floor BCE Place
TD Canada Trust Tower
161 Bay St. Toronto ON M5J 2S1

1) why my account bogdan.* was disabled on Fri. Dec. 17th,2010?
on Thu. Dec. 18th, 2010 I posted successfully - it showed on
the comments board - a comment, although some kind of error message
dialog box appeared in the process; after a brief while - the posted
comment disappeared from the board; I repeated the process and the
comment was on the board when I signed out;
on Friday Dec. 17th,2010 I reposted it as it was gone again
(a cut and paste from an e-mail) at which point my account was


Stanislaw said...

OK it;s 9:30 Toronto time.

I see 25 comments.

My 2-part complete letter to Google
is still here.

Should the saying "the devils is in the details" prove one more time correct?

Who wrote this program?
Stay tuned.

Bogdan said...

Things a bit out of control at Google.
Web search showed the BCE address -yes they were there (wake up and fix the search engine)
Their own web site says: 10 Dundas Street East.
Toronto telephone books say:
151 Front Street West 416 214 6034

Wake up there and get your act together.

Bogdan said...

OK - reposting of the second part of my letter does not work.

It disappears after signing out.

I will have to go back to them again - because obviously the did not fix the bogdan.* account.

Bogdan said...

PART 2 in smaller chunks.

3) in your statements about usage rules and privacy - PUBLISH
all specific FCC/federal/state/country law requirements that
enable your infrastructure/information services for

What I mean is e.g. US 1994 law - CALEA and its extensions to
Specific Canadian laws?

Has NSA spliced into your fiber connections to global backbones
and established a secure trunk to Fort Meade?

How about CSE? Canadian Security Establishment?

Also make statements regarding: whether the built-in surveillance
capabilities have mechanism that will control whether the
surveillence is court authorized or not.

In other words: how do we make sure that the surveillance
CASES and not for all kinds of "projects" by private investigators,
intelligence agencies, "rogue cops" etc.

PUBLISH your own "information security" policies.

What level of security clearance is required to gain access
to customer GMAIL accounts? Are there any provisions to protect
against hacker attacks? In my experience with GMAIL I noticed some
bizzare - as if purposeful behaviours in my bogdan.* account (since
With kind regards.

Bogdan said...

Thank you Google Team for re-enabling the account.

Could you please publish the algorithm
or is it a bug that locked me out?

Also - please address my recent posts!

Merry Christmas! - yes not Happy Holidays or any politically correct
mumbo jumbo. Would I be allowed to go
to Mecca, as a Christian?

Bogdan said...

This is the letter to Bob Goodfellow. Amnesty International Canada.

Dear Sir,

At the end of February/beginning of March 2009 I dropped off,
at the Toronto office some study material related to the human rights
abuses in Canada - no not the perennial aboriginal peoples, women, minorities -
all the politically correct issues.

And followed up with a phone call to you - and you promised to look into that.
613 744 7667 x 252

But the real issues of life and death - a.g. at the hands of Toronto police.

Among the titles was:
"When police kill"
"Outrage. .."
"The end of privacy" etc. etc.

You can find the complete list in the entries of this blog:

I would like to know - if Amnesty International is going to take ownership of these issues:
1) abusive Ontario law enforcment/judicial system - I call it metaphorically "Devil's Playground"
2) the death of privacy - which I consider my fundamental human right

Yes I heard stories about lack of resources etc. etc.
But what surprised me is that whenever I meet an AI fundraiser in the street I always hear a story of
an obscure activist in Nigeria or a place like that - that pretty much nothing can be done about.
Or a story of Omar Kadr - he confessed. What a fiasco? And what could you do anyways? The Americans
do what they want - and nobody is going to get anything from them unless they want it - and they obviously
had strong evidence against him. Bottom line - he confessed.

Bottom line - you seem to embrace causes that either are perennial - and little can be done about them -
or rather a lot - but I would not credit it to your efforts. Yes I saw copies of letters to the prime minister.
But to make a difference 50 000 of such letters should be sent - otherwise the prime minister will not
include this into his agenda.

What I noticed that you AVOID LIKE FIRE causes that something can be done about.

Police brutality. Where is your voice? Human rights abuses by the judicial system? Where is your voice?

What can be done? At least, theoretically you should have leverage with your local MPPs , MPs. city councillors

Don't tell me that the idea behind Amnesty International is the e.g. the Canadian branch takes care of the Nigerians,
or Chinese etc. and the Chinese or Nigerian branch takes care of the Canadians etc. etc.

And this country has a long, long way to go to become a human rights "paradise". A generous and prone to abuse
immigration system, or public health care system, or some rudimentary "social safety net" system (far behind the leaders)
etc. do not compensate for deaths of people like Otto Vass or Robert Dziekanski etc.

Please reply directly to me or post the answer on the

With kind regards.

Support the Syracuse Cultural Workers (no I don't have shares).

All the best in the New Year 2011.

I am tuning out.