Monday, April 12, 2010

Courts of Justice or Slaughter Houses
To the children, men and women of this country, who suffer, powerlessly and desperately, lost somewhere in the Canadian Justice System. We would like to bring to your attention the decades of atrocious persecution, corruption and crimes committed against us by the Criminal, Family Court Judges and Prosecutors. The struggle for justice makes us to denounce, the brutal years of oppression at their hands. Our story is freeing all our family from the savagery of injustices, which my children my wife and me, went trough in the Canadian Courtrooms. Where our corrupted tortures tried in different occasions to destroy the complete family. It's time to describe and denounce how the Canadian Legal System heavily favors, The Children's Aids Societies, Police, Prosecutors and Probation Officers, given them Immunity and Protecting them from Accountability, even when their crimes are well documented by the Judges from the Provincial and Superior Courts. You will see with facts how the Legal System creates opportunities for innocent people to be convicted of false crimes, sent to jail to be brutally tortured and to get criminal record. For many years we are sharing personal stories of oppression, these changes help us to promote the consciousness necessary for activism to happen. What we have learned over the years denouncing the Justice System in the streets of Toronto, the brutality against the poor is color green - money. This is cold, hard reality that frequently determines specially the lives of our children. All the victims of oppressive experiences condemn the racist and fascist trauma. When we are focusing the courts unfairness, without fear and our vigor. Citizens of the world you can judge and see the real face of this Corrupted Canadian Justice System.
Family Court at 47 Sheppard Ave. E. (with facts)
Our Children - Our Families - Our Brothers - Our Blood

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