Monday, June 1, 2009

Eyes of the Multiculturism for the World
Canada Multiculcultural Society
Since 1980 we have been persecuted, brutalized, forced to witness the substantial violence, corruption and crimes committed by the Metro Toronto Police, Worker's Compensation Board, Canadian Embassy Prague Czech Republic, Immigration Detention Centre Pearson International Airport, Boor Information and Legal Services, Public Housing, Children's Aids Societies, Hospitals, Regal Road Public School, Canada Justice and Correctional System. What has struck me again and again, is how vicious were committed numerous crimes in which the perpetrators and victims like myself, my children and my wife react to massive human rights abuses. The ruthless manners where innocent children, women and men are mentally and physically tortured, Make echo our call for justice in this country sterile of injustice. Thousands of victims turned to the media in order to denounce their barbaric experiences but the Canadian Media refuse to do and are in part accomplices of the repulsive crimes committed by the above mentioned institutions. The Canadian Government and Media propaganda is to deny that not human rights violations are committed in our nation, "Canada should be recognized as the victor of this Multicultural Society". But the true and reality is, Canada committed and still commiting genocide with the native people and with ten of thousands of immigrants from different parts of the world who are victims of racism and the most despicable acts of persecution, torture and making business with our blood. All of us are entitled to have full justice in the corrupt Canadian Courts or perhaps some day in the International Court of Justice, with no more impunity for the perpetrators. The crimes of lese humanity never prescribe.
Canada is no more than a state of tragedy, we have reached to the point to be victims of racism, represion, mental and physical torture and witness of the cruel and barbaric crimes against humanity.
Our Children - Our Families - Our Brothers - Our Blood
Accomplices of crimes against humanity
Judge Mary Hogan
Judge Harvey Browstone
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