Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stop the persecution and intimidation against the human rights activist "Valerie Guillaume"
The police always bring suprises shock, disbelief, outrage, disgust, sadness. These are the emotions felt by most of the people who are viciousness` persecuted, intimidated, harassed, or brutalized, or even murdered by the police. However the sheer violence and horror of their crimes creates a sense of mass outrage and leads to activism. Some police officers are actually indicted, tried, but never convicted in the "Canadian Courts" Why? Until now we have came to accept the brutalization and murder of citizens by the police as an acceptable method of law enforcement. The assumption is that people from the minorities groups are the bad guys, the police are the good guys, and the places when The Toronto Police create an atmosphere of terror are in special the infamous ghettos of public housing kidnapping our children, brutalizing and traumatizing our women and children or killing someone it must have been for good reason. Police misconduct toward the minority`s people is a cornerstone of the perpetuation of racism in this so called muticultural society and police privilege. Fear, indiference, paranoia, passivity, rage, alienation, violence and festivals (music and dance) are a few of the by-products of living in this so called"muticulturism" in which we are the victims of silent partners in, abusive, barbaric, racist behaviours by the police, government institutions, agencies etc, etc. Ten of thousands of innocent lives have been lost or people maimed because racist police officers feel free, if not obligated, to terrorize our "comunities". When do we begin to break the cycle of state terror? Makes clear that police brutality toward our people because the color of our skin is, like slavery, part of the origin of this country-real sistematic, and desvastating to all of us.
"Our children, Our families, Our brothers, Our blood"

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