Friday, March 27, 2009



Torture in Canada is one of the most extreme acts of cowardice and domestic terrorism. Our Government, Agencies and Institutions do their best to hide the brutal acts of torture committed everyday from the International community. Especially when their tyranny, sadism is directed to our children, women and men

For more than two decades we have endured barbaric experiences and during this time we mourned in silence, myself, my wife and my children. We have been living with traumas, fears of survivors of torture. For many years our tortures apply a combination of psychological, physical torture against me, my wife and my children. The most brutal form of torture was psychological, the Metro Toronto Police and the Children Aids Society kidnapped my three children and subject to cruel and inhuman torture. I was forced by the Social worker Rob McMullan from the Children’s Aids Society and the Metro Toronto Police, to witness at 70 Chartwell Road how my children  were destroyed emotionally and physically. This experience shows me how these tortures they are stuff of violence, repression, brutality. Social workers from the Society and the Metro Toronto Police could become the cruellest tortures. How they are capable of torturing our children and parents and who provides to these tortures the approval to commit these crimes.

Other people involved in these criminal acts were the social worker Danielle Warning, in her possession are several pictures taken from my traumatized wife and the Judge Harvey Brownstone from the family court 54 Sheppard Avenue East, accomplice of the barbaric torture of my children and parents.

In Canada most of the torture is directed at people’s mind, this anguish is fixed primarily to break emotionally our children, women and men. We can see the proof of this tragedy in the group homes, foster homes, SCHOOLS, public housing, jails, hospitals…. were ten of thousands of children, women and men are destroyed by different agencies and institutions. (OPERATION MIRACLE)

“OPERATION MIRACLE” created by Cuba and supported by Venezuela, has now become an immense campaign of social and humanitarian worth. At the beginning the operations, treatment, were carried out in Cuba hospitals, but with the aim of extending the benefits to the largest number the people possible, medical units for the same purpose have been constructed in others countries, always with the advice and assistance of Cuba.
Do we need also the assistance of the “Cuban Government” to provide with a complete medical unit of doctors, nurses and therapists? (For our children, women and men)

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