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 The Children’s Aid Societies will kidnap your "well behaved" kids if their philosophy differs from yours.
1.       Children's Aid Society (CAS) ruthlessly attack families by routinely make false charges against "unfit parents" and demand a junk science "psychiatric assessment". Of course they immediately remove your children until you can prove you are not an "insane axe-murdering pedophile."
2.       CAS has openly attacked entire churches. They discriminate against Christians and preachers in selecting foster parents or adoption.
3.       The psychiatry, mental health and social worker industry as a whole are prone to atheism, evolution, humanism and anti-Christian. The reason is a combination of factors including the fact that teachers and university professors are elitists who feel this way.
4.       Psychiatry, mental health and social workers have their own social agenda of change that is "secular progressive". They want to change the very fabric of our culture and society away from Christian values.

5.       "More than 100 women and children from a fundamentalist church in Canada have fled their homes for rural communities in the Midwest over fears that CAS authorities will seize their children because church members administer spankings with switches and paddles. The 28 mothers and their 80 children, members of the Church of God, a nondenominational church in Aylmer, Ontario, say they may ask for asylum in the United States." (Washington Post, Canadians Flee in Spanking Dispute, Church Members Take U.S. Refuge, By William Claiborne, Aug. 1, 2001)
6.       "The seven children of an apparently functional Aylmer, Ont., couple are dragged shouting and weeping away from their neat, tidy home by a contingent of police and social workers and made temporary wards of the province. Why? Were the youngsters sexually abused? No. Physically injured? No. Imprisoned, starved, tortured? No. No. No. Then did they appear persecuted, miserable, ill-behaved? No. The neighbour next door described them as "clean, well-dressed, well-behaved, happily playing on their bikes and with toys, and always smiling." Then why? Because, says the Ontario Children's Aid Society, the parents routinely disciplined their children by spanking them. (Our Family Values Risk Official Erosion, Ted Byfield, Calgary Sun, Aug. 5, 2001)

"Canadian Media" Holly Papassay truthful statement!!!  I was a happy child living with my grandmother, living with my family I told my children’s Aid worker and nothing was done I was label a liar a troublemaker. I was rape, sodomize, sexually assaulted, sexually humiliated in every way she perform…

7.       "The two sides in a heart-wrenching battle over corporal punishment will square off in court today for the right to care for seven children from a fundamentalist Christian family. The children, now aged between seven and 15, were dragged kicking and screaming July 4 from their home in Aylmer, Ont., 25 kilometres east of St. Thomas, by Aylmer Children's Aid Society officials and police." (Aylmer spanking case heads to court, National Post, Toronto, 27 May 2002)

8.       The personal values and opinions of the CAS are pitted against God and the Bible: "We (CAS) don't believe that you should spank a child at all, and we certainly don't believe that you should beat a child with an instrument." (Aylmer spanking case heads to court, National Post, Toronto, 27 May 2002)
9.       What gives the CAS the right to have their personal "religious" opinions and values be imposed upon another?
10.     The Alymer, Ontario Canada CAS kidnapping case in 2001 was shocking for a number of reasons. The CAS did not get initially involved because a child was brought to the hospital bleeding with broken bones from a spanking. A child was innocently scalded by hot water and the CAS were called in to investigate. Like arrogant elitists, they then forced each parent to tell them if they spank their kids. In the end the CAS held the parents hostage and many of them "denied the faith" by agreeing not to spank their children ever again... if they didn't they would never see their kids again! These Gestapo threats are how the CAS operates. What can you do? They got your kids!
11.     The CAS don't care about what the Bible says. They sneer at the fact that God actually commands parents to spank their children with a "rod". God tells us that the parent that withholds the rod from a child, when they need it, actually hates the child. So Christians have an inspired word from God labeling all CAS workers and organizations as "child haters". (Proverbs 13:24) And that they are! God said so! The supreme court of Canada ruled spanking is acceptable, as long as you do not use anything other than your hand. Using a "rod" is not permitted in Canadian law. So the CAS wins again! God specifically told us to use a "rod" because He knew that if you spank your kids with your hand, the kids become fearful of your hand when you raise it to lovingly brush the hair out of their eyes. The court ruled sufficient force is permitted. Spankings that do not inflict enough pain to the child are a waste of time and circumvent the primary purpose of a spanking: physical pain. Any spanking will leave welt marks on the bottom of a child. Using a rod is far superior because the high speed hit of a rod inflicts much more pain than a slow hit of a hand. Spanking with a hand has a much greater momentum behind it and is therefore far more likely to do physical damage to fat, muscle and bone, than hitting with a rod that has low momentum. To use an analogy: An electric shock with 120 volts of household current (hand) can make your heart stop. The shock of an electric fence brings about far more pain (rod), but does absolutely no damage.

12.     It is important for Christians to always keep in mind, that as soon as the CAS learns that you actually attend church every Sunday, they mark you in their minds and files as a special risk. The CAS are not your friends, but your enemies.
13.     Christians can forget about ever being a foster parent or adopting a kid any time the CAS is near. You will be disqualified as a matter of formal policy if you: spank your kids or practice "gender roles" or view man as the head of the wife or teach that a wife must submit to her husband (Eph 5:22-33)... as the Bible says. Christians routinely speak about "training their children" (Eph. 6:4). The CAS find the idea that a child can be "trained" an abuse issue that will damage the child. It is not so much how the child is trained that they object to, it is the concept that children can be trained at all they find abusive. Their view is that children just become what they become on their own inside a stable home environment. CAS believe that "training" is a wrong because parents are imposing the their personal values upon another person. Adults don't train adults how to behave, so it is wrong for adults to train children how to behave. Let children passively observe your values and let them decide on their own if they chose to accept them or not. Training is an interference of the child's autonomy and freewill... so say the CAS. This is hypocritical considering all the policies of the CAS are derived from personal philosophical beliefs by those who are members of each local chapter which they IMPOSE upon you when you try to raise your kids in a church, adopt or become a foster parent. The policies of the CAS unjust, discriminatory and illegal under law and should be challenged in court.

14.     A faithful gospel preacher for a local church of 15 years was unable to have children with his wife. They spent over 10 years trying to adopt children. In the end they were told: "We are never going to give you any adopted children. We view you are a child abuser because you believe in spanking your children.

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