Monday, May 15, 2017

Canadian Public Elementary Schools - Road to Juvenile Detention Centers?

Primary public education centers in Canada are designed to develop children's intellectual, moral, and affective abilities according to their culture and standards of coexistence in the society to which they belong. But unfortunately, the training which are receiving at home in the early years of their lives, such as discipline, respect, obedience, good habits and customs fade when entering primary public schools. Let us denounce that at public elementary schools of Canada, there is a rudimentary education that affects the entrance to secondary schools and university studies.

The Premier of Ontario and the Children’s Aid Societies, have to be Investigated for Crimes Against Humanity!!!

Mainstream Media; do not incriminate the parents for the destructive behavior of Canadian children and youth, as well as for their dangerous actions in the society. Make accountable to the government and its institutions, because they are the ones who dictate, approve, and practice day to day criminal policies especially aimed to the obliteration of children of elementary public schools.

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