Saturday, December 17, 2016

Canada is a country of heinous crimes of grief and mourning, a land of human misery without any hope. “An ocean of human tragedy that their fierce waves drag millions of shattered lives.” - Nadir Siguencia


I took my Power in my Hand – / And went against the World – Emily Dickinson (Poem 660)

Friday, December 16, 2016
------Silence is complicit ----Mdm. Marie-Claude Landry Chief Commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission ---Serenity was an aboriginal child. She was being “monitored” by the care system. She was said to be a bit “difficult.” Wouldn’t we all, if we were abused to the point of death? That happened more than two years ago. And we’re only hearing the full story now from a reporter, not from a government that spends $734 million a year on child intervention.------Mark Klum When is the blame put on the person who actually did tthese awful things to this child. There is not a social worker out there that wants this. I know one and she is so overloaded it is ridiculous. The person who did this should be shot. Period. The criminal has more rights.-------Julie Ali · University of Alberta Mark Klum Mark Klum The blame is put on the GOA because this is where the blame belongs. It is not as if we didn't have prior cases of the problems of kinship placements in Alberta. There is the case of another kinship placement that failed abysmally where yet another child ended up dead. In this earlier case, J'Lyn Cardinal was placed in a kinship placement. She was almost five years old when she died. Her fatality report was released in 2016--she died January 13, 2009 at 8:24 a.m: Medical Cause of Death: Cranial trauma with a large blood clot pressing on the surface of the brain.