Saturday, May 21, 2016


Mainstream Media Please Don’t Blame the Chief Saunders!
Here is the Toronto Police Academy. It's a Police Academy where are preparing the new recruits for law enforcement “To Serve & Protect” the public. Most of the courses revolve around what they call "Police brutality and extrajudicial executions." Who are the "Victims?" We have to ask that question. They are children, mothers and elderly people living in the slums of public housing. They are the poor people belong to the marginalized communities. They are social activists who are claiming for justice. They are starved mentally ill people who are and were abused and tortured by the system. They are the people of color and other minority groups. “They become the targets of those who learn their lessons at the Toronto Police Academy Nazi Gestapo” 

By Edward KeenanColumnist
Fri., May 20, 2016
One year ago, police Chief Mark Saunders was sworn in. He was a bit of a wild-card pick — less-known than other candidates — but the one thing those who chose him emphasized is that he won the job because he’d bring about “transformative change.”
“Not only expressed desire to bring about change, but the ability to bring about that change,” Mayor and police board member John Tory said of the criteria that led to Saunders’ unanimous selection. He’s someone who “will be able to make change happen,” then police board chair Alok Mukherjee told CBC.
“History teaches us that the greatest opportunities for change often come when the willingness and desire to change are matched by the urgency for change,” Saunders said, in just about the changiest speech you could ask for, at his swearing-in ceremony.
“The stakes are higher than ever before. But so are the opportunities to take bold steps. We have no excuses. We know what we have to do,” he said. “Waiting is not an option.”
Judging by the words of Saunders and those who chose him, the Toronto Police Service was about to see more change than a TTC farebox. Many were skeptical — after all, Peter Sloly was seen as the candidate for chief most likely to transform the force; lower-profile Saunders was thought to be favoured by the police union and to be less of a boat-rocker.
But Saunders had an answer to that skepticism in his speech: “Judge us by what we do. I’m interested in results,” he said. More information in the Toronto Star...

POLICE BRUTALITY - Toronto Police MURDER Disabled Man While In Their Custody

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