Thursday, May 26, 2016

Some TORONTO police are "SADICTIC" murderers...

I will not forget and never forgive’
Mrs. Sahar Bahadi the mother of Sammy Yatim a doctor in medicine, she brought to the courtroom a truthful statement about his son and family reputation.  This is part of her statement:
The most thing that hurt me last week is that the defense wants us to believe that my son did not suffer when he was shot by Const. Forcillo six times because he was already paralyzed by the first three bullets. As a mother, I feel my son’s pain from every bullet. Every single one, every day. Sammy must have been terrified. A video of four cameras doesn’t lie. Thinking my son died in less than one minute — for what?

The Sammy we know is not the Sammy we saw on the streetcar. It was clear to everyone who knew him that someone was wrong that night. He was not himself. Listening to my son being judged and his reputation manipulated was so hard. I felt so bad because Sammy was not as he was described. So many times in court I wanted to stand and scream and say, ‘No, no, he’s not like that,’ but I had to control myself. That was very hard for me. As his mother, watching what happened again and again, I can only imagine how scared he was when he was on that streetcar and how terrifying it must have been for him — lying on the floor. As a mother and a doctor, I struggle with the fact that I could not help him, that I could not help ease any of the pain he was experiencing.  


My life will never be the same. I used to be very hard-working and very active. Now I feel disabled. The death of my son, and more importantly the tragic way he died, changed who I am, as a person. As a doctor I spent my whole career caring for sick people. I could never imagine what it was like for mothers who lost their children because of illness. Their deaths affected me, and I cried if my patients died. I always prayed to God for my children to be healthy. My biggest fear was that they would get sick. Never could I have imagined that my child would die this way. Now, more than ever, I have so much compassion with anyone who suffers – especially those who are in crisis and need help.

Crime specialist Ross McLean on Sammy Yatim's death

The grief and mourning of a mother…

I miss him terribly. I think about him all the time. I still don’t believe my little boy is gone. I just can’t believe it. I see someone walking down the street that looks like him and I jump. I am left with a terrible sense of emptiness. It is horrible without him in my life. I miss him being there. I miss our conversations because we talked about everything. Mornings and nights we had many little chats. I miss cooking for him. He was finicky and I used to call my friends for recipes and try to make his favourite dishes.

School of the Americas: School of Assassins
I will not forget and never forgive’

Some TORONTO police are SADICTIC murderers
Justice for Sammy Yatim!!!

Losing a child is the hardest thing for anyone to endure. Words cannot express the grief and trauma I have suffered. My life will never be the same Sammy was a wonderful young man and he was a very important part of our family. He was the first child to be born in my family and his father’s family. When he was born it was like a present from God to us. He was the sunshine of our lives. He was everything to us. We were so happy. We watched him all of the time — awake or sleeping. Like many mothers, I live for my children

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