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Treacherous CANADIAN MASS MEDIA: The Children’s Aid Societies: Are Shredding Children and Parents without Mercy!


Treacherous CANADIAN MASS MEDIA: WORKERS FROM THE CHILDREN’S AID SOCIETIES: THEY ARE BREAKING DOWN OUR FAMILIES MERCILESSLY”                                                                            The Children’s Aid Societies are two criminals agencies involved in the trafficking of children for their own benefit. Two highly trained and organized violent gangs of criminals engaged in abduction of children, using horrifying tactics of the fearful Gestapo to kidnap children. “Canadian Cosa Nostra "formed by skillfully and brightest  criminals calling themselves "Powerfully as God" do not stop at them to spread panic, pain, and suffering on children and parents to trade with slave blood.


"The vilest mistake which can commit tyrants is to torment in mind, body, and soul helpless children, and to bring to the sight of a soldier of thousands battles"

                                              Accomplices of crimes against humanity

Judge Mary Hogan; accomplice of torture on children and parents…
Judge Harvey Brownstone; a sadist easy to lose his composure in the courtroom…  

Children’s Aid Society beasts…                                                                                        FRANZ NORITZ - REAL NAME - FRANCISCO NARIS - Inca blood from a small town of 500 people, province, Azuay, Ecuador, person who Ger.-man-sized his name from Francisco Naris to Franz Noritz, because of his criminal desires in Canada. This Social Worker is one of the “cruelest beasts and terrorists from the CAS” always determined to realize “his ambitions” exhausting brutal methods of coercion, alienated my children from the parents, mental and physical torture inflexed to our family. His unsuccessful threats to send my son Enver to a group home is the living proof of his cowardice. This social worker cooperated with the Metro Toronto “Gestapo” Police to be part of the vicious torture of my son Enver at the sergeant Michel house. For the crimes committed against our complete family he was promoted in his job. (Police, C.A.S., Criminal, Family Court files, photos, letters and witness are proving the vile collection of this thug).

ROB MCMULLEN - This brute collaborate with sadism with the Metro Toronto “Gestapo” Police in the kidnapping and agony of my two children. Later he showed his hate, brutality torturing my children Edward 4 years old, Paul 11 months old. He forced me to see how my children were destroyed psychologically and physically by him and his Agency C. A. S. During a home visitation Rob McMullen told me the sarcastic remarks, referring to Edward “ha, ha, ha, your son is a genius”. (Audio tape, photographs, video tape, wittiness, files from C.A.S., Criminal and Family Courts.)

DANIELLA WARNING - A monstrous person, architect figure for the kidnapping of my two children. Very cold women ready to cooperate with the police, direct accomplice of the torture and destruction of my children. Her sadism and duty was to play the good and the ugly, exhausting the mental anguish against my wife with cruelty. Photos taken by this C.A.S. worker show the psychological condition of my wife, the same are in her files and is a proof of her bestiality against our family.

KAREN CLARK - Typical Gestapo worker prone of perversity full of arrogance and cruelty, ready to intimidate the bravest. Her training in the School of the Americas or Canadian Schools at that time never worked with me, because I am educated every single day in the Canadian schools of social injustice. At this time she felt powerless to cooperate with the Regal Road Public School Principal, Vice - Principal and Metro Toronto “Gestapo” Police who were torturing my son Edward.
PATSY HAMILTON DIABO - Social worker from the C.A.S. who was trying to buy a statement from my family by inviting them to the McDonald’s for French fries, hamburgers and ice cream. (Trial transcripts Old City Hall)
JEAN PEASAHI’m going to investigate more about her role in the torture of my son Enver. (Dr. Daniel Fitzgerald medical report)
DR. DANIEL FITZGERALD, Ph.D., C. Psych A Doctor Who work with tortures in violation of their Hippocratic Oath “to do no harm” is the vilest moral monster who has committed my son Enver to severe mental torture, given false diagnosis. This ruthless torturer has a warped sense of righteousness – the idea that social activists are dangerous to bring the true of “Human Rights Violations” in this country. In our case he assisted the Children’s Aids Society and Metro Toronto “GESTAPO” Police; “We must be broken and defeated in service of the state”.
                                                          Judge Mary Hogan
                                                     Judge Harvey Brownstone

Listen to what they did
Don`t listen to what they said.
What was written in blood?
Has been setup in lead…

Lead tears the heart.
Lead tears the brain.
What was written in blood?
Has been set up again…

The heart is a drum.
The drum has a snare.
The snare is in the blood.
The blood is in the air.

Listen to what they did.
Listen to what`s to come.
Listen to the blood.
Listen to the drum.

- James Fenton

Who were the Nazis - those bastards

CANADA HOLOCAUST? Residential schools (50.000 children) – The Duplessis Orphans (100.000 children) - Immigrant children and Families from Around the World destroyed for decades (?000.000) - MKULTra in Canada (Drugs, Torture, Mind Control – Japanese Canadian Concentration Camps (second World War) - Children’s Aid Societies Shedding Children and parents – Canada justice System Jailing Innocent Victims - Canada Correctional Services (Torture and Killing) Worker’s Compensation Board Mental and Physical Torture – Group Homes youths  forced to take drugs – Women Shelters from the Hell – Ghettos from public housing tenants under mental torture… the list of the state atrocities is so extended to mention for now...                                                                                                                        

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