Wednesday, February 12, 2014


TO SERVE & AND PROTECT - OR - TO SUFFOCATE & AND KILL?    Who will protect the public when the police violate the law?                                     Ramsey Clark
Police mistakenly apprehended Charles McGillivary, left, when they were researching for Raymond Ckarke.

                                                                                                                   Deadly force, beatings, suffocation, crippling, torture, and murders of disadvantaged people by the Canadian Gestapo Police in this country seems to be used and served as a social control. Murdering vulnerable citizens are the most horrifying methods of domestic terrorism practiced in Canada by the police forces across the nation. The case of Mr. Charles McGillivary, a 45 years old man, mentally disabled individual and mute, recalls as a terrible chapter in our country history of state crimes. The two police officers have to be held accountable for their criminal actions, for the infamous murder of an innocent man, someone who was described by her mother, friends and others as a very passive, lovely, and gently person. These pair of so called law enforcement officers they committed a gruesome crime, but never these two seraphim’s have been charged with murder because the Police, the Media, and the Coroner’s office are downplaying and covering up this shocked  murder perpetrated in front of her mother and witness. The treacherous media now is trying to cover up and manipulate the public with their printed articles saying:
Treacherous CANADIAN MASS MEDIA                                                     Toronto Star, Wednesday February 12, 2014.                                                                                     Officer says he didn’t know he was arresting the wrong man”
Police mistakenly apprehended Charles McGillivary, left, when they were researching for Raymond Ckarke.
The mentally disabled man, who communicated only trough sign language, was pronounced dead at the Toronto Western Hospital. It was later discovered he had a pre-existing condition that resulted in irregular heart rhythm, caused by the struggle with the police. The Special Investigations Unit cleared the officers of any wrongdoing. Kang left the Toronto Police in 2012 and now works for Go Transit.
 The multicultural society of the 21st century in the "Great White North" is proclaimed with the improper conduct of politicians in power, abuse of power in regard to crimes of state, and the lack of criminal liability for those who are committing atrocities.

The role of the law enforcement officers is to protect the society in general, and this is not to maintain the law and order and to curb to commit crimes. Under intimidation and executions of vulnerable people, these sadistic, brutal and bloodthirsty police force are protecting only the ruling elite power and guarding their assets. The priority in this country is to reforming the police and the putrid justice system, to combat the impunity of police crimes and corruption of the judiciary system; improving in the legislature’s professional capacity in the matter of justice reform and law enforcement crimes.
La lucha contra el terrorismo se ha convertido en el pretexto de los cada vez más frecuentes actos “de brutalidad policial” cometidos con toda impunidad.
   Charles McGillivary mother is claiming for Justice, the Gestapo or the suspects involved in this heinous bloodthirsty crime must have to be brought to justice and jailed for this offense. 

 Hitler Children – ‘A Nazi Education’                                                                                              

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