Saturday, May 4, 2013

Special Investigations Unit OR Special Impunity Unit?


The vilest mistake that can commit a tyrant is to torment in mind, body and soul helpless children, and to bring to the sight of a soldier of thousands battles.  


                                                   The widow of the Sargent Ryan Rusell got justice for the murder of her husband! Why the cowardly killing of Charlie McGillivary has not been investigated. The Special Investigations Unit is helping the police to keep in impunity this crime? The criminals until now are evading the justice, but there is a mother who is crying for the death of her son at the hands of the police. 

WHERE IS THE CANADIAN FASCIST MEDIA?                                                                                                                                                                       The Federal Government, Judicial System, Special Investigations Unit and Media are responsible for the impunity of police brutality and murders of defenseless people committed across the country. The victims of police viciousness have to put especial attention to the immunity that the government gives to the repressive forces for creation of fear and panic on the marginalized communities.  Is a complete farce that the police and the office of the Special Investigations Unit are blaming each other for their incompetence and the cover up of police brutality and murders?  Supposedly the watchdog “Special Impunity Unit” in charge to investigate the law enforcement force, where is brutality or murders committed by the police, with their ineptitude is showing that; they do not have power and control to do an independent investigation or to laid charges for the law-breaking.  Over the years the public is aware that “Special Investigations (Impunity) Unit” with the help of the media is given misinformation to the public and aiding to the police to hide the delinquencies and commit carnages inside of the courtrooms.  On top the corrupted judges are preventing to present evidence on the trials and are supporting the police deceits and intimidation. “This is a Court Law” It’s the right moment for send our condemnation  to the government and authorities  for the human rights violations committed by the police across the country.

Mass media (bourgeois) Charlie McGillivary also he is a human being!


Mass media (bourgeois) Charlie McGillivary also he is a human being!

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