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Waiting for an Intake worker? Or waiting to be manipulated with false promises and lies!

“WHERE IS THE CANADIAN FASCIST MEDIA”                                                                                             Governments of third world countries are protecting their citizens building housing for the poor,  an example is Venezuela where the government have been giving  priority every year for the construction of tens of thousands of apartments and houses to accommodate families, seniors and others individuals. Canada a first world country, one of the richest nations in the world is neglecting, abusing and letting to die in the streets disadvantaged people.  As well the Police from around the country are in charge to intimidate, mistreat, hide destitute Canadians under the bridges, between the bushes or keep jailing or pushing out of the big cities indigent people. City’s politicians and authorities every summer are using the police force for conceal homeless people from the view of the tourists; trying to give a good impression how dedicated is the administration on the wellbeing of the collectivity. But the world is witnessing the real crisis of homeless people in the large cities of this country, how these displaced folks are hardly surviving on the streets of this nation or hundreds of unprivileged people are dying every year because of hardness cold winters.                                                                                          3,227 families will receive on Thursday the keys to their new homes
By: Venezuelan News Agency | Thursday, 5/30/2013 7:43 a.m. | Printable version

Credit: VTV

Caracas, May 30 - A total of 3,227 families in seven states Thursday receive the keys to their new homes built across the Great Housing Mission Venezuela.

In the state Monagas 1,241 housing units will be granted, in Portuguese will be 594, 184 Zulia, Carabobo 547, 192 Vargas, Aragua 277 and the Capital District will be awarded another 192 homes.

The Great Housing Mission Venezuela has built 386,089 homes in 24 months after launch. The goal for this year across the country is 380,000 between houses and apartments, the expansion work and repairs are aimed at 100,000 households.

For the constitutional period 2013-2019, the government of President Nicolas Maduro has planned 2,650,000 build decent housing.

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